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Auto Presentation Switcher

Auto Presentation Switcher (APS) is an automation-tool for presentation-software that creates commands to switch, close and display presentations.
By using our keyboard-shortcuts you can simplify the task of switching presentations that are displayed for an audience.

Windows and Mac versions of APS can control Powerpoint, Keynote and PDF files.


CueTimer creates a countdown-clock on a monitor for speakers holding a presentation. When the clock is running out you can make the numbers flash so that the speaker will be reminded to finish on time.
If the show is delayed you can also make the time go faster with the Speed-option..

The user-interface is easy to navigate. Place the timers in a cuelist and use simple shortcuts to move forward during the event.

Our goal is to simplify the workflow for Audio/Video Engineers and Event Organizers

An event or conference can consist several presentations, performances and other acts that work together to create a bigger whole. The transitions between the different parts is what stings it all together. You can have great speakers and performances but if momentum is lost between the acts then this can have a negative impact on the whole event.

Our tools are aimed specifically at making these transitions easier, faster, and more reliable by automating tasks with shortcuts. When a lot of things are happening at the same time, all you should need to do is to push simple buttons that moves you forward.

Who should use our PresentationTools?

  • Professional Audio/Video Engineers on conferences and events. The software can work very well as a part of a bigger technical setup with other computers, cue-boxes and video-mixers
  • Event Organizers and Meeting Leaders. Our software is very easy to use and not much technical knowledge is required. 


  • Conferences, events, seminars and meetings
  • Shows and awards
  • Webinars and digital events
  • House of Worship

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