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PresentationTools A/S is a Norwegian software company making tools to simplify the workflow for live event productions and broadcasting.

Our Products

Auto Presentation Switcher

Auto Presentation Switcher (APS) is an automation-tool for Powerpoint, Keynote and PDF presentations. Switch presentations with shortcuts and Companion buttons. Our custom-made image-viewer makes the transitions look seamless.


CueTimer helps performers and presenters manage their time during events and broadcasts. Create a list of timers and use triggers or shortcuts to progress during the show. Display the countdown on a monitor connected through HDMI, NDI or weblink.

Our Mission

Simplify the workflow for A/V engineers & Show Operators

PresentationTools was created to make it easier to control a live-production. With APS you will save a lot of time and effort when dealing with presentations. CueTimer makes it easy to create a list of timers and display them for the presenters on the stage.

Automate tasks, but be prepared for any change

When a lot of things are happening at the same time, you need tools that are reliable, flexible, and easy to use. Our software lets you automate operations with shortcuts and hardware-controllers, but you are also prepared for last-minute changes: The edit-window is never far away.

Native Mac & PC software built for broadcast reliability

We make show-critical tools that you can count on during a live performance. Our desktop applications are built using native Mac and PC frameworks, ensuring the best possible integration and compatibility with the hardware. Continuous feedback from our users in more than 40 countries helps us stay up to date.

Our Customers

At PresentationTools A/S, we empower a diverse range of industries and professionals to streamline their live events and broadcasts:

Trusted by Leading Industry Professionals

Our software solutions are trusted by companies and professionals in over 40 countries worldwide:

We are extremely happy to use CueTimer in our productions. We constantly provide AV production solutions for streams, hybrid events and live events catering to state ministries and high-profile corporate clients, so a flexible stage communication and timing tool like this is invaluable to us in securing the flow of the show.

Panu Koskinen, ShowTekniikka, Finland

CueTimer and APS are unbelievable lifesavers when working with corporate AV. It helps speed up my workflows and keeps the events on time. The option to give moderators and event producers a link for timers is a great feature. I’m very happy with the support and customer service. I recommend these tools for anyone who asks about solutions for presentation-switching and timers.

Truls Skæveland, Eventi AS, Norway

We have installed CueTimer on several Macbook Air and use the tool regularly. The range of functions is very large, the design can be adapted almost as desired and saved as a template. If necessary, the timer can be shared via a link over the Internet, but the software basically works offline, which is a great advantage over other products.

Simon Anliker, Kilchenmann AG, Switzerland

Latest posts

Use ChatGPT with CueTImer

How to use CueTimer with ChatGPT

With ChatGPT you can convert any rundown and event-schedule into a perfectly formatted cue-list for CueTimer. Just paste the ChatGPT code into the CSV Import menu.

CueTimer 2.5: Spreadsheet-import and linking of timers

We are happy to release v.2.5 of CueTimer, which brings a better spreadsheet-intergration: Now you can import your schedule from Excel and Google Sheets, and, for better control, chain the timers together with start and end-times.

Field report: Using CueTimer to keep soundchecks and concerts on schedule

Learn how to use CueTimer as a timing-device for soundchecks and change-overs in hectic music-festivals. And with the release of CueTimer 2.5, setting up this timer is easier than ever.