APS 2.1 released!

APS v.2.1 gives more ways to control presentations with Companion

The new version 2.1 of APS gives you more options to control slides and presentations through Companion:

Slide control

You now get network-commands for slide-control that targets the applications Powerpoint, Keynote (Mac) and Adobe Acrobat Pro. This means that the application does not need to be in window-focus for commands to work. We have two types of commands:

  • Go to slide
  • Next and previous slide

Open and display targeted presentations

We introduce more ways to open and display presentations using Companion and APS: With the Open/Start Presentation command you can type in the filename&filepath to open the targeted presentation. Or you can use the new Presentation menu to choose up to 20 presentations that you can open using pre-defined buttons in Companion. 

This means that you can keep the same Companion commands, and change the targeted files from the APS menu instead. On the companion buttons you will get the names of the presentations, and the background-colour tells you if the presentation is available or displayed in fullscreen. We think that this can be a more convenient way to control presentation-files as opposed to relying on case-sensitive filenames in Companion. 

To take advantage of these new features in APS, you need Companion 2.4 and above. This can be downloaded from the Bitfocus website. 

Download APS from here