APS 2.2 for Windows now in beta

Photo: Dall-e & ChatGPT

Update 11. November 2023:
We have now released the official version for Windows with the fades! Thanks to everybody who contributed with the testing.

Go here to download APS

Fade images and screenshots with APS

The new version of APS for PC has an optional fade in/out for all the images and screenshots. This feature has been in the Mac-version for a couple of months, and now we finally bring it to Windows.

How to display images with fades

By default, the new version will apply a 1.5 second fade to all images and screenshots when they are displayed and exited. The images will fade smoothly with the desktop-background, PowerPoint-presentations, or other images from APS.
If you want to change the fade-time, or use cut-transitions, you can do that from the image-menu:

Under the hood: The new image-engine

More than just adding fades as a new feature, we have completely changed what is going on inside the program when images are displayed: The new OpenGL image-engine uses the GPU for rendering, giving better performance, less overweight, and more control when displaying images on top of other application-windows. We went this path because fading in/out images is more resource-intensive than just displaying the images with cut-transitions, and we want to be absolutely sure that everything goes smooth even when the computer is under heavy load. We have gone to great length to optimize the image-engine as much as we can for performance and reliability.
The old version use the CPU for image-rendering (GDI +). Although this method has been very reliable for us, it was time for an upgrade.

Beta version: More testing required

Internally, we are happy with how the new version is performing. But it is necessary to test on a wider range of computers and hardware, to make sure that the performance is good on as many Windows-computers as possible. This is more important now that we use the GPU for rendering, when GPU’s can behave differently.
So this is the main purpose of having this version of APS as a public beta-version now. We would greatly appreciate if you could download this beta-version, test the images on your computer, and let us know how it works.

How to become a beta-tester

Just download the software from here or from the top of this page, test the new features, and let us know how it works. You can send feedback using our regular email-address:

We offer free time-limited licences for people who want to become beta-testers. This also applies to customers who already own licence(s), but want to test this release on new computers that are not used for production. To apply for this, just send us a mail.


After the beta-testers have reported back to us that the beta-version works well, we will release the new version. If new issues are discovered, there will be delays.
Our tentative plan is to release APS 2.2 for PC as an official version before November 10.