APS Public API

Create custom interfaces for APS

Our public API makes it possible to interact with Auto Presentation Switcher in lots of different ways: for example, you can control APS from Crestron panels, make a superpowered presentation-clicker, or make your own web-app for controlling presentations.
The API is the same as we are already using for our popular Companion-module.


This API is compatible with the latest version 2.2 of APS for both Mac and PC. Compatibility with older versions of APS is possible but not guaranteed.


APS has a TCP server that waits for a client connection on a default port (4777) and can be configured from the app settings. Once a connection is instantiated between the client and APS it will continuously listen to the incoming messages from that client. The commands should be sent as an ASCII string with $ as a termination char at the end of it (e.g. Navigation_NextFS$).


  1. Navigation_NextFS: Open the next presentation using the focused app in fullscreen
  2. Navigation_PrevFS: Open prev presentation using the focused app in fullscreen
  3. Navigation_NextNoFS: Open the next presentation using the focused app
  4. Navigation_CurrentFS: Set current presentation in fullscreen
  5. Navigation_CloseOthers
  6. Key_Left
  7. Key_Right
  8. Key_Esc
  9. Key_B
  10. Freeze
  11. DisplayTest
  12. Blackout
  13. ExitImages
  14. states
  15. Capture: Take a screenshot and save it to a bank, e.g. Capture1
  16. Display: Display an image, e.g. Display1
  17. OpenStart_Presentation: supported params 3
  18. OpenStart_Presentation_Slot: supported params 3
  19. Generic: Go to a specified slide (Generic)
  20. Powerpoint_Go: Go to a specified slide (PowerPoint)
  21. Powerpoint_Previous
  22. Powerpoint_Next
  23. Acrobat_Go: Go to a specified slide (Acrobat)
  24. Acrobat_Previous
  25. Acrobat_Next


Some commands can have up to 3 params separated by ^ like OpenStart_Presentation

Parameters order:
  1. Slide Number
  2. Fullscreen Flag: can be 0 or 1
  3. FilePath or Slot Number
  • OpenStart_Presentation^2^1^C:\1.pptx: Will start presentation C:\1.pptx on slide 2 in fullscreen
  • OpenStart_Presentation_Slot^1^0^1: Will start the presentation in slot 1 on slide 1 in a normal window
  • Powerpoint_Go^2 will open slide 2 of the currently opened PP presentation


Once the client is connected to APS it will continuously receive info. This will be a JSON string that has a $ as a termination char at the very end.

Some of the feedback will be sent only with some commands like statescapturedisplay

Presentations Slots Feedback

“action”: “slots”,
“filenames”: [ “01.pptx”, “02.pptx”, “03.pptx”, “-“, “-“, “-“, “-“, “-“, “-“, “-“, “-“, “-“, “-“, “-“, “-“, “-“, “-“, “-“, “-“, “-“],
“exists”: [true, true, true, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false],
“opened”: [true, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false]

  • filenames: An array of configured files in the Presentations tab
  • exists: An array to indicate if the file exists on the system or not
  • opened: An array to indicate if the file is currently opened or not

Files Feedback

“action”: “files”,
“curr”: “02.pptx”,
“prev”: “01.pptx”,
“slide_number”: “1”,
“slides_count”: “10”,
“builds_count”: “2”

All of the above params should be sent, if one is not available, just send “-” as value.

Images States Feedback

“action”: “states”,
“displayTest”: false,
“displayBlack”: false,
“displayFreeze”: false,
“displayIndex”: -1,
“isLoaded”: [ true, true, true, false, false, false, true, false, false, false]

  • displayTest: Will be true if the color-bars screen is displayed
  • displayBlack: Will be true if the black screen is displayed
  • displayFreeze: Will be true if the screen is freeze
  • displayIndex: Zero indexed to show the index of the image from Still Images tab that is currently displayed, will be -1 if none of them is displayed
  • isLoaded: An array to indicate if an image is added to each slot or not

More information

Github repository

Our public API has a GitHub repository. Here you also find the source code of a Windows-app that you can use to test the commands sent to and from APS

Companion module

Our companion-module makes use of all the commands and feedback mentioned in this API. Since Companion is open source, all details on how this module is made can be found on Companions GitHub page

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