APS Media Player

With the newest version of APS for Windows you get a new media-player that can play videos on top of PowerPoint presentations. The idea is to simplify VT-playback and background-loops. Now you can play presentations, videos and images from the same computer! Or you can use our media-player as pure media-server where you switch to the APS video when needed.
The underlying video-engine uses the LibVLC library, the same as used by VLC. This is a robust and mature framework that supports a wide range of video-formats.

Play videos seamlessly on top of the desktop

We are the first media-player in the world that can fade in/out videos in fullscreen on top of your desktop. This gives you new options in how you can use your PC to play different media-content: For example, you can play your videos on the same display as used for PowerPoint presentations or Mentimeter sessions. The transition between the videos and the other content will be just as seamless as when using a video-switcher with a separate computer just for the video.

Use APS as a dedicated media-server

We also support a workflow where you have one PC dedicated to media-playback in a larger setup with a video-switcher controlling content from different computers and cameras. By using network-triggers from APS, you can automate when the video-switcher displays the APS video-window, ensuring that you will only see the video when its actually playing.

Control with Stream Deck and Companion

The Stream Deck gives you a physical controller for the media-player. You can start and stop videos, and view countdowns that tells you how much time is left of the video. Our Companion-module gives you everything you need to control the media-player during the show

Or use the program interface

The most straightforward way to control the media-player is through the program interface. The controls should be easy Here you can also select the media you want to use for playback.

Feature overview

  • Play videos seamlessly on top of your display
  • Fade in/out the video-window for smooth transitions with other content on your display
  • Loop videos
  • Choose between a selection of 40 videos, images or audio-files
  • Use an additional 10 images or screenshots as a background-layer under the media player
  • A fully featured Companion-module with commands and feedback for most of the features for the media-player. Presets with command-icons makes it easy to get started
  • Low-latency TCP/IP messages for synchronising the video-window with other devices.
  • LibVLC video-engine with a wide support of different codecs and video-formats.

Learn more

This video should take you through all you need to know to get started using the new media player:

APS media player tutorial

APS user-guide for Windows

Download APS