• 64 bit PC with Windows 10 or 11
  • .Net 4.7.2 or later  
  • PowerPoint-software for PowerPoint-files
  • 64-bit Adobe Reader or  64-bit Adobe Acrobat for PDF-files

  • Mac with Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey or Ventura OS
  • Intel and Apple Silicon processors are supported natively
  • PowerPoint-software for PowerPoint-files
  • Keynote software for Keynote-files
  • Google Chrome or  Adobe Acrobat for PDF-files

The Ultimate Presentation-Controller for Show-Operators

Powerpoint, Keynote and PDF at your fingertips

APS, short for Auto Presentation Switcher, creates shortcuts and commands to open, close and display presentations. On shows and events where different speakers bring their own presentations, APS can make the job much easier for the AV-technician responsible for the visual content: You no longer need to use the mouse to find the next presentation in the Finder-menu. By using our commands instead, you get a smoother workflow when controlling Powerpoint, Keynote and PDF files.

Switch presentations with keyboard-shortcuts

With APS, Ctrl + right arrow (PC) or Command + right arrow (Mac) will display the next presentation in the folder. This makes it easy to create a playlist of presentations: The only preparation you need is to sort them numerically in a folder. Then, during the show, just push the APS-shortcut to display the next file.

Companion icon

Control presentations and slides with Companion and Stream Deck

All the commands for APS can be found in the popular Companion-software, which allows you control different devices using hardware-controllers over the local network.
With our presets found in the Companion menu,  it is easy to drag and drop the buttons where you need them.

APS 2.1: Advanced presentation-control with Companion

The newest version of APS brings more commands and feedback for our Companion-module:

  • Create buttons that opens specific Powerpoint, Keynote and PDF files. Choose which slide it will start from, and whether it will start in fullscreen.
  • Advance slides while using other applications
  • Go to specific slides

Smooth out transitions with images and screenshots

When you switch between Keynote and Powerpoint presentations, the transition will look like cutting between two slides. We solve this by using a screenshot of the old slide to cover the desktop-background while the new presentation is getting ready.
Our image-viewer covers the screen when there is no presentation to display. This will smooth out transitions and ensure that you always have something to present to your audience. If you are in the middle of a presentation and discover that there is a mistake in the next slide, you can now freeze the screen, exit the presentation, do edits and go back, and the audience won’t know what just happened. 
And with our image-bank of 10 images, you can easily display backdrops and logos before, between and after the presentations, creating a seamless and flexible workflow inside the box. 

Trial version and licence

You can download the app and try it as much as you want in trial-mode. The one restriction is that it will close after 10 minutes every time you open it. To use the program without restrictions you can purchase a license from the “Store” page. The same licence works for both PC and Mac versions of APS. 

User-account on Presentationtools.com 
With a subscription-licence  you  can create an account on this site where you can monitor your licences, release licences from activated computers, and manage your subscriptions registered to your email-address.


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