The Ultimate Presentation-Controller for Show-Operators

Powerpoint, Keynote & PDF at your fingertips

Trial version 2.1

  • 64 bit Windows 10 or 11
  • .Net 4.7.2 or later  
  • PowerPoint-software for PowerPoint-files
  • 64-bit Adobe Reader or  64-bit Adobe Acrobat for PDF-files
  • v. (18 December 2022)
    – IMPROVED the performance of the slot and presentation-commands when Powerpoint is closed when the command is performed
    – ADDED seamless switching for the slot and presentation commands

Trial version 2.1

CPU: Both Intel and Apple Silicon CPUs are supported natively.

OS-support: 10.14 and beyond.

    • Ventura 
    • Monterey
    • Big Sur
    • Catalina
    • Mojave
  • PowerPoint-software for PowerPoint-files
  • Keynote software for Keynote-files
  • Google Chrome or  Adobe Acrobat for PDF-files
  • v. 2.1 (0) (29 November 2022)
    – NEW slot-commands for presentations
    – NEW open presentation from filename&filepath network command
    – NEW go to slide network-command
    – NEW next slide for Powerpoint and Adobe Acrobat DC network-command
    – NEW feedback for current, next and previous presentation network-command
    – FIXED a bug that could cause APS to crash with some commands


To use the software without restrictions you need to activate the applications with a licence. Licences can be bought from the store.

We currently offer subscription based licences with yearly payment. 

To activate the application, copy your licence key-code into the activation-field and push OK. 

You can use the software as much as you want in trial-mode. The only restriction is that the applications will close after 10 minutes. 

Control presentations and still-images inside your computer

On shows and events where different speakers bring their own presentations, APS is an indispensable tool for the AV-technician responsible for the visual content: You no longer have to search the Finder-menu for the next presentation. By using our commands instead, you get a smoother workflow when dealing with Powerpoint, Keynote and PDF files.

Work faster

Simplify your setup

Trusted by leading industry professionals

Switch presentations with shortcuts

With APS, Ctrl + right arrow (PC) or Command + right arrow (Mac) will display the next presentation in the folder. This makes it easy to create a playlist of presentations: The only preparation you need is to sort them numerically in a folder. Then, during the show, just push the APS-shortcut to display the next file.

Display images and screenshots

Our new image-viewer tries to solve the problem of what the presentation-computer should show to the audience when there is no presentation to display. For example, what if you are in the middle of a presentation and you discover that there is a mistake in the next slide? With APS you can now freeze the screen, exit the presentation, do edits and go back, and the audience won’t know what just happened. 
And with our image-bank of 10 images you can easily display backdrops and logos before, between and after the presentations, creating a seamless and flexible workflow inside the box. 

Companion intergration

All the commands for APS can be found in the popular Companion-software, which allows you control different devices using hardware-controllers over the local network. Feedback on the buttons will show if an image is displayed or ready to be used. 
With our presets found in the Companion menu  it is easy to drag and drop the buttons where you need them.

New: Advanced presentation-control

Version 2.1 of APS brings more commands and feedback for our Companion-module:

  • Create buttons that opens specific Powerpoint, Keynote and PDF files. Choose which slide it will start from, and whether it will start in fullscreen.
  • Advance slides while using other applications
  • Go to specific slides

Control your licences from the user-dashboard

With a subscription-licence  you  can create an account on this site where you can monitor your licences, release licences from activated computers, and manage your subscriptions registered to your email-address.


APS 2.1 released!

APS 2.1 gives more options to control slides and presentations through Companion:
– Open and display presentations from filenames
– Control slides in applications

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