Auto Presentation Switcher

Windows version

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Mac version

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Introducing the World's First Cross-Platform Software Presentation Switcher

When using Powerpoint, Keynote or PDF, Auto Presentation Switcher (APS) gives you extra shortcuts that lets you display, switch and close presentations.

Imagine a conference with multiple speakers and presentation-files in different formats. When new presenters are introduced to the stage it can be a challenge to open and display their presentations quickly enough. Common methods to solve this has been to use a hardware presentation switcher with an extra computer or render all the presentations together in one large file. Now you have another way to make the transitions:

APS is the first software-presentation switcher that works directly with the presentation-files through their original programs.

This means that you can work exactly the way you are used to with Keynote and PowerPoint except that you now have an easier way of switching between the presentations. Our app runs silently in the background of your computer and is only activated when the app-specific shortcuts are pushed.



  • PC with windows 7, 8 or 10
    .Net 4.7.2 or later  
  • PowerPoint-software for PowerPoint-files
  • Adobe Reader or  Adobe Acrobat for PDF-files


  • Mac with Mojave, Catalina or Big Sur OS.
  • PowerPoint-software for PowerPoint-files
  • Keynote software for Keynote-files
  • Google Chrome or  Adobe Acrobat for PDF-files

Example of workflow

Let us say you are organizing a seminar with 4 speakers that each bring their own presentation-file. There are no pauses, so the presenters will not have time to plug their own computer before their speech. Therefore you have decided to use your own PC with APS for all the presentations.
To prepare the presentations to be switched using APS you must first put all the 4 presentations in one folder on your PC. Then, if necessary, rename the filenames so that they are numbered alphabetically or numerically in the order they will be displayed.

Example of folder. Here we have sorted after the time of the day, but you could also just use 1,2,3,4 in front of the names:

Before the first speaker starts you can open PowerPoint normally and put the first presentation in Fullscreen. For this we have an optional shortcut CTRL + Up-arrow or you could just the normal method provided by Powerpoint.
When Jane is finished talking you can use  the shortcut CTLR + Right-arrow to close the current then open and display the next presentation (John). Repeat this for all presenters. After the last presentation in the folder the shortcut will just close the current presentation so that nothing is displayed.

How our app works

The shorctuts provided by APS trigger commands that perform tasks on your computer. It will control other programs (Keynote, PowerPoint etc) and in some cases also control your keyboard.
Most of the commands are scripting-tools that automate tasks which you could also do manually. With APS you will save valuable time and reduce the risk of doing mistakes while keeping a workflow that is similar to what you are used to.
The commands will only work when a presentation is displayed as the frontmost window which reacts to the keyboard. Then several actions can be performed using our shortcuts:

Open and display the next presentation
Windows: Ctrl + Right-arrow
Mac: Command + Right-arrow
This command will close the current presentation then open and display in Fullscreen the next presentation in the folder

Open and display the previous presentation
Windows: Ctrl + Left-arrow
Mac: Command + Left-arrow
Close the current then open and display in Fullscreen the previous presentation.

Open next presentation
Windows: Ctrl + Down-arrow
Mac: Commmand + Down-arrow
Close current then open the next presentation without putting it in Fullscreen

Display current presentation
Windows: Ctrl + Up-arrow
Mac: Command + Up-arrow
Display the current presentation in Fullscreen

Close all except current presentation
Windows: Ctrl + Up-arrow (when files are in Fullscreen)
Mac: Command + Alt + Up-arrow
Close all presentations except the one currently displayed
Read more about this feature here.

Trigger the commands with external keypads

Instead of using keyboard-shortcuts, you can also program keypads to fire the same commands. APS is compatible with any keypad that lets you store keyboard-commands. And by using Companion software you can also control APS over the local network. More info here

Trial version and licence

You can download the app and try it as much as you want in trial-mode. The one restriction is that it will close after 10 minutes every time you open it. To use the program without restrictions you can purchase a license from the “Store” page.

The same licence works for both PC and Mac versions of APS. 

Who should use Auto Presentation Switcher?

  • Professional Audio/Video Engineers on conferences and events. The software can work very well as a part of a bigger technical setup with several computers running through a video mixer.
  • Event Organizers and Meeting Leaders. Our software is very easy to use and not much technical knowledge is required. 


  • Conferences, events, seminars and meetings
  • Shows and awards
  • Webinars and digital events
  • House of Worship