APS media player beta version
The APS media-player allows you to play videos on top of your screen just as you can do with the still-images. Add 40 videos, images and audio-files to the media-player slots that you can play from the user-interface or Companion.
Learn how you can control and monitor PowerPoint, Keynote and PDF-presentations using APS, Companion and Stream Deck. This gives a button-based control system, allowing you to manage presentations as effortlessly as you would lights and sound systems.
New in V.3 of APS is that you now get seamless transitions when switching to and from PDF-presentations. This means when you switch between two PDF-presentations, or go from a Powerpoint ot a PDF, the desktop-background is hidden, and the transition will look like advancing to the next slide.
Microlaunch landing page
CueTimer is this month featured on, a portal where independent creators and businesses can showcase their software. Please give us a vote if you want to support us!
CueTimer works great as a pomodoro timer for Mac or PC. Learn how you can create a timer that improves your productivity. Our floating timer-window is made so that it doesn’t get in the way when you work on your computer.
How large display do you need to show a timer? That depends on how visible the timer is. If you have a small screen, you can hide the hours to blow up the font-size, making the timer more visible. With CueTimer v.3 you get more options on how to display your timers, getting the most out of your displays.
Our latest tutorial shows how these tools work together to make managing presentations during corporate events simpler and more intuitive, akin to how you’d handle lights and sound
How do you handle presentation-clickers as an AV-technician on corporate events? In this article, Morten tells about his disasterclass with clickers in the beginning of his career. And we explain how APS makes it easier to intergrate clickers in your setup.
Learn how you can use CueTimer to control speaker-timers on corporate events. In our latest walkthrough-guide we take you through the necessary steps.
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