Use ChatGPT with CueTImer
With ChatGPT you can convert any rundown and event-schedule into a perfectly formatted cue-list for CueTimer. Just paste the ChatGPT code into the CSV Import menu.
We are happy to release v.2.5 of CueTimer, which brings a better spreadsheet-intergration: Now you can import your schedule from Excel and Google Sheets, and, for better control, chain the timers together with start and end-times.
Learn how to use CueTimer as a timing-device for soundchecks and change-overs in hectic music-festivals. And with the release of CueTimer 2.5, setting up this timer is easier than ever.
If you go to an event, you probably want to meet new people and extend your network. But what is best for this: virtual or physical events?
A/V technician controlling presentations
We show you different ways to combine PowerPoint presentations for Mac & PC: Copy & paste slides, use hyperlinks or let APS do the job. And you will learn one very important lesson when pasting slides: Pay attention to the formatting options!
PDF is a great format store and share documents, but it has some drawbacks when used to display presentations on conferences and events. By using APS, dealing with PDF becomes much easier.
a person controlling CueTimer with Companion Stream Deck. black/white
CueTimer 2.4 has improvements for the timer-list: faster editing, better redundancy, and more ways to add new timers. In short, the new version should make it more enjoyable to user our timing-software.
There exists fake versions of APS and CueTimer that contains viruses. Only download our software from the official webpage
We have recently discovered that some websites are offering our software without our permission. After inspecting the files offered on these websites, we found that they all contained Trojan viruses. Only download APS and CueTimer from this website!
Display the countdown timer from CueTimer as a video-overlay on top of other video-content.
CueTimer has options for displaying the timer as picture-in-picture, or lower third. This saves screen-space, equipment, and focuses the message where it needs to be.