a person controlling CueTimer with Companion Stream Deck. black/white
CueTimer 2.4 has improvements for the timer-list: faster editing, better redundancy, and more ways to add new timers. In short, the new version should make it more enjoyable to user our timing-software.
There exists fake versions of APS and CueTimer that contains viruses. Only download our software from the official webpage
We have recently discovered that some websites are offering our software without our permission. After inspecting the files offered on these websites, we found that they all contained Trojan viruses. Only download APS and CueTimer from this website!
Display the countdown timer from CueTimer as a video-overlay on top of other video-content.
CueTimer has options for displaying the timer as picture-in-picture, or lower third. This saves screen-space, equipment, and focuses the message where it needs to be.
Controlling Powerpoint presentations at a conference.
It all started when I got fed up of fumbling with the mouse to find the next presentation. The solution we found was too good to be kept to ourselves.
APS v.2.1 gives more ways to control presentations with Companion
APS 2.1 gives more options to control slides and presentations through Companion: – Open and display presentations from filenames – Control slides in applications
“Whatever happens behind the mixer, usually stays there.” Read how you can speed up the countdown to let the speaker finish on schedule
CueTimer layout with a countdown and a clock on the same window
Last week our CEO Morten used CueTimer for a cooking-competition when the chefs needed to know how much time they had to prepare the meals. Read how you can use CueTimer as a timing-solution for competitions and gameshows.
CueTimer uses the system clock to stay in sync
Learn how CueTimer stays on time: It all starts with the never sleeping internal oscillator deep inside your computer.
Using Powerpoint with Mac has some unexpected obstacles. After many years of frustration, I finally found out a method to reliably mirror the presenter-view on a Mac in a 3-screen setup.