CueTimer version 2.3 introduces more ways to customise the timer windows: Now you get background-images, logo and border.
CueTimer 2.3 gives lets you customise the HDMI and NDI timer-outputs: Set font, placement, logo and borders anywhere you like on the screen.
Customise the fullscreen timer with CueTimer
CueTimer 2.3 brings more options to the graphics that is displayed in the Fullscreen and the NDI windows. We now have background-image, logo, border, additional date & clock, drop-shadow.
Midas Heritage audio console
We now have a shortage of A/V technicians. To meet the demand, should we combine jobs? Or will that only weaken the quality of our services?
With the end of covid, the in-person events are making a huge comeback. But what does this mean for the virtual events?
CueTimer is now compatible with Windows 11
CueTimer v.2.2 is now released for both Mac and PC. New features: – Progress bar – Opacity and alpha channel – Light and bold fonts
Bitfocus Companion logo
Companion 2.2 gives more ways to control our software through Stream Deck LAN: Trigger cues with ID in CueTimer, and display images in APS
Learn how you can monitor and control your licences from the user-dashboard on this website. Release licences from old machines, and add tag.
We now have annual payments and subscriptions for our software
We switch from fixed price to recurring payment for all our software. This move will help us maintain and develop our software in the years to come.
With CueTimer you only need to push the fullscreen-button to display the fullscreen timer on the external monitor. This feature was the main reason we went for an offline desktop-app.