Lego Masters Norway season 2021 used CueTimer as a production timer to let the contestants know how much time they had left.
Read how Lego Masters Norway used CueTimer to show the contestants how much time they had left of their task.
CueTimer 2 brings NDI and web-output to this countdown timer software
v.2 of CueTimer brings some major new features: – Web countdown – NDI – Drag & Drop
CueTimer with Companion and Stream Deck gives more buttons to control our countdown timer software.
APS v.2 lets you freeze the screen, do edits, and go back to the presentation. And it all happens inside your computer.
Switch presentations without displaying the desktop-background using APS
With the seamless switching method in APS, switching between presentations looks like a cut-transition between two slides
CueTimer now has a version for Mac
CueTimer is now available for Mac. Our goal is to be the industry-standard for speaker-timers in the post-covid world.
trigger APS commands with Xkeys controlling keyboard shortcuts
Learn how to control APS with Xcode panels and Stream Deck. x-keys emulates keyboard-strokes. Stream Deck with Companion has more options.
empty conference hall in a blue light
The Corona pandemic started about the same time we released our software. How does this affect our business?
use APS with Dropbox to control the presentation-folder from a remote location
When you collect presentations, it’s a good idea to store them in a shared online folder. Learn how Dropbox works great with APS.
When being an A/V technician in a live event, most of the workload comes in the transitions when new speakers are leaving and entering the stage.
APS was created to simplify the process of switching presentations. This task can otherwise be the bottleneck for busy AV-technicians.