Powerpoint and Macbooks: How to use mirrored Presenter View in a 3 screen setup

Mac + Powerpoint I think I might have found a solution to a problem that shows up when using MacBooks to display Powerpoints with presenter-view from FOH on corporate events!! Skip the problem – take me right to the solution Using Powerpoint Presenter View for speakers on Corporate Events When a presenter shows their Powerpoint-presentation … Read more

Companion 2.2 released with updates for APS and CueTimer

Bitfocus Companion turns a Stream-Deck button-box into a powerful controller for most of the gear used in Audio/Video production.  The new v.2.2 official update of this software brings some exiting improvements for Auto Presentation Switcher and CueTimer.  Auto Presentation Switcher: Display images We now have our own custom image-viewer that can be controlled through Companion. … Read more

Control your licences from the user-dashboard

The new licences with annual payment  for CueTimer and APS can now be controlled from the the user-dashboard on this website. By creating an account , you can: – Release the licences from the computer where it is currently installed. This will make it much easier to switch licences between computers, and it will be possible … Read more

APS v2 brings back the Freeze-button

We made Auto Presentation Switcher to simplify the task of switching presentations. On events where different presentations are shown consecutively, this little tool can make the transitions a lot easier for audio/video engineers responsible for the visual content. But you still need some kind of video-switcher to cover the screen when there are no presentations. … Read more

Seamless Switching with Powerpoint and Keynote

We are happy to announce that both the PC and MAC version of Auto Presentation Switcher (APS) now has the Seamless Switching option included. When this is on, switching between Keynote and Powerpoint presentations will look like cut-transitions between slides.  This feature has been available on the PC-version since the beginning, and it has performed … Read more

Control APS with external keypads

Auto Presentation Switcher creates commands that can control switching, closing and displaying presentations. If you dont like using the keyboard, you can add an external keypad to your setup and program the buttons to do the same actions. Then you will soon have a complete remote-controller for presentation software. In this blog we will show … Read more

How to use Dropbox with Presentation Computers

Updated 5. October 2022 To display presentations for an event, you only need one computer.  But it’s a good idea to also include a second-machine, in case the main computer is broken, or if you need to do some quick changes to the presentations. In this article we will show how you can add flexibility … Read more

Why we need a Software Presentation Switcher

Auto Presentation Switcher (APS) automates the task of switching presentations. When my brother first saw the introduction-video he was not so impressed: He thought it is easy to switch presentations on a computer, he could do it in less than a minute. Why not do it manually?Of course, he is right, when I’m sitting in … Read more