APS Media Player for Windows now in beta

APS media player beta version

The APS media-player allows you to play videos on top of your screen just as you can do with the still-images. Add 40 videos, images and audio-files to the media-player slots that you can play from the user-interface or Companion.

Control presentations with APS, Companion and Stream Deck

Learn how you can control and monitor PowerPoint, Keynote and PDF-presentations using APS, Companion and Stream Deck. This gives a button-based control system, allowing you to manage presentations as effortlessly as you would lights and sound systems.

Switch PDF-presentations seamlessly with APS

New in V.3 of APS is that you now get seamless transitions when switching to and from PDF-presentations. This means when you switch between two PDF-presentations, or go from a Powerpoint ot a PDF, the desktop-background is hidden, and the transition will look like advancing to the next slide.

APS for corporate events: Solving the clicker-problem

How do you handle presentation-clickers as an AV-technician on corporate events?
In this article, Morten tells about his disasterclass with clickers in the beginning of his career. And we explain how APS makes it easier to intergrate clickers in your setup.

Explaining APS: The software presentation-switcher

Learn more about how APS can simplify your workflow when displaying presentations on events. To put it short, it´s the missing tool that Microsoft never made for PowerPoint. And you get some essential features from hardware-switchers in a software-package.

APS 2.2 for Windows now in beta

We now have optional fades on all images and screenshots displayed from APS.
The new graphics-engine use OpenGL with hardware-acceleration, giving better performance when displaying images in show-critical situations.

How to combine and merge PowerPoint-presentations

A/V technician controlling presentations

We show you different ways to combine PowerPoint presentations for Mac & PC: Copy & paste slides, use hyperlinks or let APS do the job. And you will learn one very important lesson when pasting slides: Pay attention to the formatting options!

PDF-presentations in live AV

PDF is a great format store and share documents, but it has some drawbacks when used to display presentations on conferences and events.
By using APS, dealing with PDF becomes much easier.

The origin of APS and PresentationTools​

Controlling Powerpoint presentations at a conference.

It all started when I got fed up of fumbling with the mouse to find the next presentation. The solution we found was too good to be kept to ourselves.