Companion 2.2 released with updates for APS and CueTimer

Companion icon

Bitfocus Companion turns a Stream-Deck button-box into a powerful controller for most of the gear used in Audio/Video production.

The new v.2.2 official update of this software brings some exiting improvements for Auto Presentation Switcher and CueTimer.

Auto Presentation Switcher: Display images

We now have our own custom image-viewer that can be controlled through Companion. This works great for adding background-images between presentations in conferences.

And if you are a presenter sharing your screen on Zoom, you now have a much easier way to ensure that the audience will never see your desktop-background. See it in action here:

Of course you can still switch presentations seamlessly using Companion buttons, as shown here in the video we made for the original Companion-module for APS:

Read more about Auto Presentation Switcher

CueTimer: Trigger individual timers, navigate the list & monitor outputs.

We have some new options if you dont want to start the timers cronologically from the CueTimer cue-list. The new up and down buttons lets you jump in the list, with feedback on the buttons to show where you are.  And if you want to have even more control, you have buttons to start specific timers by addressing their unique ID.
This video takes you through most of the new and old features in the updated Companion module for CueTimer.