Company Invoicing

As an alternative to automatic billing with credit-card through Stripe, we offer Company Invoices that are sent yearly.
Please note that we handle this process manually, and handling-time is normally 1-2 business-days before we reply.
Prices start at $35 for Auto Presentation Switcher and $45 for CueTimer. Buy more licences to receive quantity discounts.





$ 35

$ 30

$ 25

$ 20

$ 45

$ 40

$ 35

$ 30

Payment options
Payment-instructions will be sent along with your invoice.
Please note: In order for us to accept bank-transfer as a payment-method, you must represent a registered company. (Corporation, LLC or Sole Proprietorship.) In this case, the mail-addresses chosen for the licences and invoices must be connected to your company.
This is how the process goes:
1. Fill out the form with the order and info you would like on the reciept
2. Within 1-2 business days we will send you the licence(s) along with the invoice and payment-instructions.
3. The invoice must be paid within 7 days. If the invoice is not paid, the licences will be cancelled.
1 year subscription & repeated billing
By placing an order you own the licence for 1 year, after which the licence must be renewed. When the period is about to expire, you receive a repeated invoice that you must pay to keep the licences. If the invoices are not paid, the licences will be cancelled.
If you do not wish to keep the licences beyond the current 1 year period, please send us a message anytime so we dont need to bother you with more invoices.
Terms of use
For a complete overview of our Terms of Use, please go to this page. You must accept these terms to place an order.

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