CueTimer 2.3 released: Images, Border, Date, Clock & Shadow

The latest version of CueTimer brings more options to the graphic that is displayed in the Fullscreen and NDI windows. We now have:

  • Background image
  • Logo
  • Border
  • Additional Date & Clock
  • Drop shadow

Other improvements:

  • Options for low NDI-framerates: 2, 5 & 10 FPS. This can be useful if you need to save network-traffic.
  • New on/off animation (no fade). (Works great with the 2 FPS NDI!)
  • Separate background key-color for Web and Local Outputs. This lets you do things like having a PIP with green-screen for the HDMI output, while using a regular black background for the webpage. We also fixed a bug for transparent background in the webpage.
  • The Preferences menu is now automatically updated when doing changes
  • The real name of the monitor is shown when assigning monitor for the Fullscreen Output
  • Option to hide seconds for the countdown/countup. 
  • “Default” option for Colour/Animations makes it easier to have one colour-style regardless of the timer-state

CueTimer 2.3 is a free upgrade for all customers. You can now download the Mac and PC from the Product-page. 
For a complete list of changes and fixes in this latest version, visit the Changelog.