CueTimer 2.3 explained: Customize the outputs

This video shows how to use images, border and drop shadow in CueTimer:

The Preferences-menu gives a lot of options for setting your own style to the countdown-monitor, or stage-timer:
You can add your own logo for branding, and use a separate background-image for decoration. If you are a rental-company who works with different clients every day, you can keep the background-image permanent, but change the logo for every new client.

Customize the layout

One thing we didn’t talk about in the video, is that how much content you want CueTimer to display, probably depends on how much space you have. For example, if you only want a countdown as a picture-in-picture (PIP) on top of other video content, then it makes sense to just enable the countdown, and perhaps add a border to separate the countdown from the rest of the screen:

Example of countdown with chroma-keying. The green colour will be replaced by video-content

Then, at other times, you bring a full-size stage-timer monitor just for the countdown. Now you have space for more content from CueTimer to fill the screen:

A fullsize stage-timer with more content from CueTImer 

With the new version 2.3, its easier than ever to customize the countdown-monitor for any situation. The style-settings are now automatically updated when doing changes, and hopefully the menu should be easy to understand without too much explanation:

Style-settings for the countdown screen shown above

Improvements to the Fullscreen-button

In the video above, notice that I don’t actually see the external monitor where the countdown is displayed. Then it becomes important to find a reliable and easy way of displaying the stage-timer where we want it. In CueTimer we do this with the Fullscreen-button, which we already have written a whole blog text about. But for this version we found some further improvements with this feature:

– The actual name of the monitor is now displayed when you assign the monitor for the fullscreen: 

Here we assign the fullscreen to the monitor Onlap 1503

– For Mac, we added dedicated output-buttons on the command-bar. Now it will be hard to miss them:

Output-buttons shown to the right

Learn more

To test try out CueTimer, go to the CueTimer page and download the trial. Or, if you want more info first, we also have the complete user guide.