CueTimer 2.6: Control a timer on top of PowerPoint

When presenters need a countdown-timer on the stage, you can either give them a dedicated stage-timer or device with just a countdown timer, or you can put the timer as PIP (Picture in Picture.) on top of a down-stage monitor along with other content.

A separate monitor for the countdown timer

PIP-timer as a part of the down-stage monitor

In a recent blogpost we discussed the pros and cons with having a separate vs. PIP timer(also called timer-overlay). One of our conclusions was that you needed an external device to combine the timer with the other elements on the screen, and that this was one of the main challenges with the PIP-timer.

But for the new version of CueTimer, we have found a new way of displaying your timer on top of the presentation, which should simplify this setup: We have made a timer-window that always stays on top of your screen. You no longer need a hardware switcher to combine the content from CueTimer and PowerPoint, it can all happen within the same computer.

The updated preview-window is designed to be displayed seamlessly on top of PowerPoint and Keynote presentations. One thing is that it always stays on top. Just as important is that it doesn’t react to keystrokes. This means that you can move the window around and resize it while the presenter uses the presentation-clicker to advance slides. The timer should never interfere with the presentation.

We have updated our Companion-module with new commands that makes it easier to control the timer from just one Stream Deck page. You can now use Companion to set the timer to any duration and add/subtract any values of minutes you like. This means that you dont need access to the timer-list to control the timer, instead you can re-use one timer that you configure from the Stream Deck page. .

With the updated Preview-window, you dont need a separate computer and stage-monitor for the conference-timer: instead you can run PowerPoint/Keynote from the same machine, and control everything from one Stream Deck controller through Companion. And if you need more control of your presentations and what is displayed for the audience, APS can be added to the setup.

One of our goals has been to reduce the equipment needed to control and display presentations and countdown-timers on conferences and events. High-quality software can replace hardware, and this trend will only continue as the computers get more powerful.
However, we are not saying that you should sell your hardware video-switchers. You still need them for your cameras, backup-computers and much more. But having the option to run the timer and the presentations from the same computer, makes it easier to get the most out of your equipment.

Go here to download the latest version of CueTimer