Control CueTimer with Companion and Stream Deck

Companion lets you control CueTimer over the local network using Stream Deck hardware controllers. 

Our module for Companion is rich in features and gives you hands-on control of your countdown-timers during your event. 

Companion is an open-source project initiated by the Norwegian company Bitfocus A/S. It allows you to control most of your A/V equipment over the local LAN-network.

The list of supported devices is growing , and the integration is getting better and better. We are avid supporters of Companion, and we have modules for all the latest version of the software, including v.3

More information can be found on their website:


The Stream Deck + has rotary knobs which can be assigned to select timers and change the duration. Companion + Stream Deck + CueTimer works great.

Start, stop and monitor timers using Stream Deck buttons

Create custom buttons for your most essential functions, such as starting and stopping the timer, as well as navigating through the list of cues.

With immediate feedback from the buttons on your Stream Deck, you will always be informed of the current countdown, cue names, and app settings. 

Use a Stream Deck with Companion to control CueTimer. Our Companion-module is rich in features.

Trigger individual timers & synchronise with other tools

You have commands for triggering specific timers. This lets you start timers in CueTimer without following the chronological order of the list. 

And you can combine with other software/hardware to create powerful macro-buttons: For example, you can have a button that fires a 10 minute timer and starts a sequence on your light-console.

Using CueTimer and Companion gives a lot of creative possibilities for audio-video technicians and show-callers. 

By using CueTimer with Companion, you can fire specific timers independently from where they are placed in the list. You do this by assigning ID to the timers and buttons.

Easy configuration: Drag & drop the commands where you need them

You don’t need to be a network-wizard to enjoy our CueTimer module for Companion: Most of the commands can be found as presets in the Companion menu.

Just drag the actions you need from the preset-menu to the button placeholder. 

The presets from Companion makes it easy to drag the CueTimer buttons where you need them.

Create your own controllers

The Companion module is built on our open API which is free for everyone to use. This gives you the possibility to create your own custom solutions for controlling CueTimer. For example, you can control CueTimer through Crestron-panels, or make custom web-pages for starting and stopping timers. And there are surely other creative solutions that we haven’t thought of.
Go here to read the API-documentation and get started.

For more instructions on how to use CueTimer with Companion, please see our user guide, or watch this video: 

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