CueTimer Outputs

Send the countdown to NDI devices

CueTimer has a native NDI output, which makes it easy to send the countdown to any device on the local network that can display NDI. 

Explore the power of NDI

NDI (Network Device Interface) is a royalty-free software standard for video-over-IP production technology that allows multiple video systems to identify and communicate with one another over IP networks. It provides benefits such as increased flexibility in live video production, lower costs, and ease of use by allowing the use of standard Ethernet networks for video, audio and metadata transfer.

NDI allows video sources to be used in any production environment, enabling more devices to be used as video sources and making it easier to share video content between multiple production systems.

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Streamline Your Setup with NDI Technology

  • Connect to your stage-timer monitor with NDI-input or a NDI-HDMI converter
  • Display real-time countdown on your phone or tablet with ease. (shown in picture) 
  • Simplify connection to video-mixers with NDI inputs.

CueTimer’s NDI-graphics generated within the app. This gives you complete control over the look and feel of your countdown, including custom font options, ensuring a seamless display on any device. 

Configure the NDI-output from CueTimer

Follow these 3 steps to display the output from CueTimer on your NDI-device

1. Configure the network
The picture shows a Mac which is connected to a local network with an IP address.

Make sure that the CueTimer PC/Mac and the receiving NDI-device are on the same subnet.
No firewall must block the network-traffic between the devices. 

2. Turn on the NDI-button
Push the NDI button to display the countdown timer output from CueTimer as NDI graphics over the local network.

When this button is yellow, the NDI-output from CueTimer is active. 
From the Settings-menu you can configure NDI further: set resolution, framerate, and send the NDI to a group if you want to restrict where the NDI-stream will be discovered. 

3. Select NDI from CueTImer
The picture shows how you can send the countdown timer window from CueTimer to other devices through NDI.

The NDI-output from CueTimer will appear as an option on the receiving device. 
This example is from NDI Studio Monitor on Mac. 

For more instructions, please see our user guide.

With NDI you can send the countdown anywhere on the network with a minumum of hardware.

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The fullscreen-output from CueTimer displays the countdown-timer window on your external monitor with a button-click. Create a stage-timer from your Mac or PC in an easy way.

Display the stage-timer on your external display

Push the “Fullscreen” button to send the timer-page to the external monitor. No need to drag browser-windows around where you can’t see them.

The online countdown timer webpage from CueTimer can be viewed on lots of different devices: Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPads and android-devices can used to view the countdown.

Share an online countdown timer

From the Webpage-menu you can create a webpage which displays timer over the Internet. And the Schedule-page is perfect for remote speakers who needs to stay on track.

An example of how you can style the fullscreen timer in CueTimer.

Customise the fullscreen timer

From the Preferences-menu you can customise the timer-page exactly how you want it. Use images, colors and fonts to create a beautiful fullscreen-page. Or just a small countdown for PIP.