Adjust the timer-speed

By adjusting the speed of the timer, you can change the total duration without it being noticeable on the timer-window. This can be a way for you to control the time in the most subtle way.

In the video-example we have increased the speed to 110%. This means that the countdown will finish sooner. Do you notice the difference?


Understanding speed in CueTimer

The speed-value shows how fast in percentage the timer runs compared to normal operation. For example, a 10 minute timer with a speed of 50%, will last 20 minutes. And with 125% speed, the same timer will last 8 minutes. But on the timer-outputs, the duration will still show 10 minutes.

The speed only changes how the timer appears on the outputs. The way we set start, duration and end-time of the timer remains the same.


How to change the speed in CueTimer

In the CueTimer user-interface, there are two places where the speed can be changed:

  • in the top command bar. This always adjusts the speed of the timer that is currently shown in the timer-output windows.
  • in the timer-list. Here you can adjust the speed of future timers.

Target a new end-time with speed

In the timer-list you can see what effect the speed-change has on the duration and end-time. By speeding up the timer, the duration will increase, and the end-time will advance.

The video shows an example where the current timer is set to finish at 15:04. By adjusting the speed to 110%, the new end-time is before 15:00.

Use speed with caution

By using speed you are manipulate how the timer appears for the person viewing the timer. We advise you to always inform the persons involved that speed is being used, and only use it if it is absolutely necessary.

It is just one of many tools you can use to ensure that your event stays on time. But if nothing else works, speeding up the timer can be the only way to ensure that your event doesn’t go too far into overtime.

event with a panel of speakers in front of a physical audience with a blue light. The room is packed.

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