CueTimer helps performers and presenters manage their time during events and broadcasts. Create a list of timers and use triggers or shortcuts to progress during the show. Display the countdown on a monitor connected through HDMI, NDI or weblink. 

CueTimer for Windows

  • 64-bit Windows 8.1, 10 or 11
  • .Net 4.8 or later installed
  • v. (23. March 2024)

    – Fixed alignment issues when the timer goes into overtime: the size is automatically adjusted so it keeps the same width. This wasn’t working properly when the timer was displaying mm:ss.

    – Fixed an issue where the timer list wouldn’t change size when going to fullscreen.

    – Changed the behavior of the hide feature: When a new timer starts, the timer is still hidden. This is how it also works in the Mac version of CueTimer. In the old version, the start command would always unhide the window.

    – We changed some internal files to only work in 64 bit, to improve security. This also means that CueTimer now only works with 64-bit versions of Windows.

    For full version-history, see the changelog.

Downlad version 2.6 for PC

For customers with perpetual CueTImer licence bought before 11. February 2022
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CueTimer for Mac

  • CPU: Both Intel and Apple Silicon CPUs are supported natively
  • OS-support: 10.14 and beyond (Sonoma, Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave)

v.3.0 (2) (4. march 2024)
– ADDED auto updates and update notification
– ADDED option to sum hours into the minutes field to display 70:00 instead of 01:10:00
– CHANGED the NDI library to v .5.6

For full version-history, see the changelog.

Downlad version 2.6 for Mac

For customers with perpetual CueTImer licence bought before 11. February 2022
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Buy and Activate

Starting at $45/year


  • To use the software without restrictions you need to activate the applications with a licence. Licences can be bought from the store.
  • We currently offer subscription based licences with yearly payment. 
  • To activate the application, copy your licence key-code into the activation-field and push OK. 
  • You can use the software as much as you want in trial-mode. The only restriction is that the applications will close after 10 minutes. 

Control your time. Stay on schedule

CueTimer provides the tools to ensure that your event runs on schedule. Get started in just three simple steps:

1. Create the timer-list

Write down your schedule in the app interface, or import spreadsheet data: Cuetimer can open CSV & TSV files, and you can paste directly from Excel and Google Sheets.
If you prefer a more dynamic workflow where you set the timings as you go, we support that as well.

2. connect the outputs

CueTimer has multiple options for viewing the timers on any device: if you are connected to an external monitor, just push the “Fullscreen” button. Or send the timer-page to broadcast-devices on your LAN-network through NDI. Remote speakers can stay in sync using our online timer.

3. control the time

The interface is tailored for show-control: Start and stop the timers with ease and edit on the fly. Redundancy and backup is secured with undo/redo and autosave.
Companion with Stream Deck gives you extra buttons for the commands, and remote control over the network.

Trusted by leading industry professionals

We ❤️ CueTimer! We use it on our shows to keep everything running in military precision.

We particularly enjoy using it in conjunction with Companion to enable us to adjust the timers on the fly, giving us feedback on our adjustments and allowing us to hit essential cue times throughout the day.

Whether it’s a live event or a broadcast, you will always see us running CueTimer on our Streamdecks!

– Ben Dave,
Dot + Diode, Great Britain

I can without exaggeration say that CueTimer has changed my life on show site in many ways.

I really enjoy how much customization is available for the display features like creating a template for repeatable segments. My customers also love the messaging feature.

For the cost of a license, laptop and small monitor, it’s definitely a better value proposition over a traditional clock system.

– Craig Trosclair, Corporate Lighting and Audio, USA

We are extremely happy to use CueTimer in our productions. We constantly provide AV production solutions for streams, hybrid events and live events catering to state ministries and high-profile corporate clients, so a flexible stage communication and timing tool like this is invaluable to us in securing the flow of the show.

– Panu Koskinen, ShowTekniikka, Finland

We have installed CueTimer on several Macbook Air and use the tool regularly. The range of functions is very large, the design can be adapted almost as desired and saved as a template. If necessary, the timer can be shared via a link over the Internet, but the software basically works offline, which is a great advantage over other products.

– Simon Anliker, Kilchenmann AG, Switzerland

CueTimer and APS are unbelievable lifesavers when working with corporate AV. It helps speed up my workflows and keeps the events on time. The option to give moderators and event producers a link for timers is a great feature. I’m very happy with the support and customer service. I recommend these tools for anyone who asks about solutions for presentation-switching and timers.

– Truls Skæveland, Eventi AS, Norway

Lego Masters Norway season 2021 used CueTimer as a production timer to let the contestants know how much time they had left.

Finding a clock-solution for Lego Masters Norway that was reliable, flexible and easy to work with in a TV setting proved to be a challenge until we came across PresentationTools and their CueTimer software. I would definitely recommend CueTimer as a countdown timer and tool to keep time in a tight program.

– Michael Thunem Berlund, Hilux A/S, Norway

A countdown timer application for physical, virtual & hybrid events

CueTimer can be used for any event that needs precise timings:

Conferences & Seminars

A monitor with a countdown-timer is very useful for someone holding a presentation. With CueTimer it is easy to control this monitor and display the timers for the different speakers that enter the stage. When the time is running out you can make the colours change to notify the speakers.

CueTImer is a good choice as a countdown timer solution for streaming and digital events. Create an online timer or display the timer through your video-switcher.
Streaming & Remote Workflows

CueTimer is well suited for the digital workflow that has evolved during the Covid 19 pandemic. We have added multiple options for viewing the timers that should cover most scenarios: you can feed the video-mixers with HDMI or NDI video, and share a webpage with the timers to remote presenters and crew-members.

Lego Masters Norway season 2021 used CueTimer as a production timer to let the contestants know how much time they had left.
Broadcasting & Gameshows

A TV-show needs a production-timer that is reliable, flexible, and easy to use. CueTimer was built to solve this demanding task. To give an example, read more about how CueTimer was used as a countdown-timer for the season one of Lego Masters Norway.

Multiple Output Options – HDMI, NDI & Online Countdowns

With CueTimer you can send the countdown anywhere:


Push the “Fullscreen” button to place the countdown on the external display. With SDI/Fibre extenders the monitor can be placed far away from the computer.

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CueTimer has a native NDI-output using the latest NDI 5 framework. This lets you share the countdown as graphics over the local LAN-network.

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Create a webpage to share the current countdown and the schedule with a list of future timers. The page will scale automatically for all browser-sizes.

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Control with Companion

Companion lets you control different devices over the local network and with Streamdeck hardware-boxes. It is free of charge and more info can be found here. Our Companion module includes buttons for the most important commands, and it has feedback for the current timer with colors that can be set from CueTimer. With our premade presets found in the Companion menu it is easy to drag and drop the buttons where you need them.
The Companion module is built on our open API which can be found here.

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Customise the style of the fullscreen timer

The HDMI and NDI-output is completely customizable with colors, placement, fonts, and images.
You can have a backgound-image for decoration, your company logo for branding, and to notify the speaker that the time is running out, add a blinking border.

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Send messages to the presenters

The confidence-monitor with the timer is one of the few places where you can send messages to the presenter without the audience noticing it. Let them know if their microphone needs to be adjusted, if the next speaker is delayed, or use it for questions from the audience.

If you have a big monitor, place the message on the top of the screen along with the other content. Or if you really want to grab the attention of the speaker, give the message flashy colors and make it fill the whole screen. 

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New in version 2.5: Spreadsheet-import

Now you can import a spreadsheet with a schedule or a rundown into CueTimer. And with the Auto-Schedule feature, you just need to know the start-times, and CueTimer will calculate the durations for you.

  • Import CSV and TSV files
  • Paste spreadsheet-data
  • Link timers with start and end times
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Control your licences from the user-dashboard

With a subscription-licence  you  can create an account on this site where you can monitor your licences, release licences from activated computers, and manage your subscriptions registered to your email-address.

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CueTimer Feature Overview

Create a list of timers from our custom spreadsheet

Multiple outptut-options to display the timers on any device:

HDMI fullscreen output. Push the Fullscreen-button do display the timer on the external monitor.

NDI output. Send the timer-window as a native NDI source from CueTimer

Web output. Create a timer-webpage hosted on our server. Here you can also see the schedule with a list of future timers.

Preview windowed-output that is always on top and never reacts to keystrokes. Perfect for Powerpoint.

Use different timer-types: countdown, countup, countdown to time and regular clock.

Add warnings to notify the speaker that the time is running out

Options for what happens when the timer ends: go into overtime, stop the timer, or start the next timer

Change the duration by adding and subtracting minutes or manipulate the speed of the timers.

Customize the countdown-windows with colors, animations and scaling.

Change the style when the timer changes status. For example, when the timer ends, you can make the screen red, and make the countdown blink.

Send messages that is displayed on the timer-outputs. The appearance of the message is fully customisable: place it in the corner, or fill the whole screen.

Native desktop-apps for Mac and Windows that are light on system-resources. Built for demanding live-shows.

Support for multitasking: With native control over the CueTimer-windows, you can display our timers while using other apps.

Undo/Redo & Autosave. We got you covered if you accidentally start the next timer.

Use Stream Deck buttons to control CueTimer through Companion. Then you also get remote-control over the local network.

Support for multiple workflows: The timer-list can be an ordered schedule, or a selection of timer-templates that can be started easily

Import CSV & TSV files with any delimiter

Copy & paste spreadsheet-data into CueTimer

Spreadsheet-import menu where you can sort the columns you want to import

Export the timer-list as a CSV file

Auto-calculate timer-values so that the end of a timer becomes the start of the next. Then you only need the start-times to make a schedule with durations for all the segments.

Start and stop the timers with keyboard-shortcuts or large buttons

OSC messages to and from CueTimer. Trigger other devices when the timer ends, or start and stop timers with OSC commands.

An open API that lets you control CueTimer over the local network through TCP/IP commands. Create your own controller-app, or use the ones already made for you.

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User Guide

The user-guide is our reference on how to use CueTimer. We have tried to cover all related topics on how to control and configure our countdown-timer app.


If you prefer learning by watching instead of reading, then the CueTimer online-tutorial series is for you. Or get tips about how to connect CueTimer to Qlab.

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