Speaker timer software for Mac and PC. Prepare a list of timers and use simple shortcuts to progress. Outputs on HDMI, NDI and Internet.


Control your time. Stay on schedule.

A presenter needs a countdown-timer to finish on time. On a conference where multiple presenters have different timings, the task of keeping control of these countdowns can be challenging. CueTimer creates a list of the timers that will be displayed. During the event the operator can start the countdowns with buttons and easy shortcuts. 

Make a list of timers and edit them on the fly as the event progresses. If you need more hands on control with physical buttons, use Companion with Stream Deck. This also lets you remote-control CueTimer over the local network.

Display the countdown on different devices: connect to an external monitor, send the countdown over the local network using NDI, or share a web-link to a remote speaker. The style of the countdown-window is customisable with fonts, logo and colors.

CueTimer is a show-critical tool that you can trust for live events: The desktop apps are using native frameworks for Mac and PC, giving us the best possible control of how the software performs on the hardware. It also lets you run the app without Internet-connection.

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CueTimer 2.3(5)
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Installation and licence
Download and run the installer. If you don’t have a licence, you can run the application in trial-mode for 10 minutes. If you have a licence, copy your key-code to the activation-field and press ok. Licences can be bought from the store.


  • A Mac with Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey or Ventura OS. Both Intel and Apple Silicon CPUs are supported natively.
  • 64-bit PC with windows 8.1, 10 or 11. .Net 4.8 or later installed. 
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A countdown timer application for physical, virtual & hybrid Events

CueTimer can be used for any event that needs precise timings:

Conferences & Seminars

Timer for conferences and seminars

Photo: Morten Brekke Stensland

A monitor with a countdown-timer is very useful for someone holding a presentation. With CueTimer it is easy to control this monitor and display the timers for the different speakers that enter the stage. When the time is running out you can make the colours change to notify the speakers. 

Streaming & Remote Workflows

Timer for digital and remote productions

Photo: TC Conway

CueTimer is well suited for the digital workflow that has evolved during the Covid 19 pandemic. We have added multiple options for viewing the timers that should cover most scenarios: you can feed the video-mixers with HDMI or NDI video, and share a webpage with the timers to remote presenters and crew-members. 

Broadcasting & Gameshows

Timer for broadcasting and gameshows

Photo: Michael Thunem Berglund, Hilux A/S

A TV-show needs a production-timer that is reliable, flexible, and easy to use. CueTimer was built to solve this demanding task. To give an example, read more about how CueTimer was used as a countdown-timer for the season one of Lego Masters Norway. 

Multiple Output Options – HDMI, NDI & Online Countdowns

With CueTimer you can send the countdown anywhere:

Push the “Fullscreen” button to place the countdown on the external display. With SDI/Fibre extenders the monitor can be placed far away from the computer

CueTimer has a native NDI-output using the latest NDI 5 framework. This lets you share the countdown as graphics over the local LAN-network. 

Create a webpage where you can see the current countdown and the schedule with a list of future timers. The page will scale automatically for all browser-sizes.

Companion icon

Control with Companion

Companion lets you control different devices over the local network and with Streamdeck hardware-boxes. It is free of charge and more info can be found here.  Our Companion module includes buttons for the most important commands, and it has feedback for the current timer with colors that can be set from CueTimer. With our premade presets found in the Companion menu  it is easy to drag and drop the buttons where you need them.

Knowledge base – Learn how to use CueTimer

You could just download the software right away, push some buttons and learn as you go. But we also have some more documentation that will help you:

Online User Guide
This guide should tell you all you need to know about CueTimer.

Video tutorials
The CueTimer video tutorials show CueTimer in action. The first video explains how you can create a list of timers for presenters on a stage:

To see the rest of this tutorial-series, please go to Youtube. Here we explain some of the main features of CueTimer:

  • Create and edit an ordered list of timers, the Cue List, and use buttons, shortcuts or Companion-commands to progress during the show
  • Use different timer-types: countdown, countup, countdown to time and regular clock.
  • Change the duration by adding and subtracting minutes or manipulate the speed of the timers.
  • Customize the countdown-windows with colors, animations and scaling.
  • Create a secure webpage where remote presenters and other crew-members can view the current timer and the schedule.
  • Connect to other devices through our TCP/IP-server (Companion) or OSC (Qlab/Resolume).

New in v.2.3: Background Image, Logo & Border

We have added options for what can be displayed in the Output-windows. Now you can have a backgound-image for decoration, your company logo for branding, and to notify the speaker that the time is running out, add a blinking border.
Read more about v.2.3

Trial version and licence‚Äč

You can download the app and try it as much as you want in trial-mode. The one restriction is that it will close after 10 minutes every time you open it. To use the program without restrictions you can purchase a license.

User-account on
With a subscription-licence  you  can create an account on this site where you can monitor your licences, release licences from activated computers, and manage your subscriptions registered to your email-address.

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