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Countdown – Timer Program with an Easy Editable Cuelist

A monitor with a countdown-timer is very useful for someone holding a presentation. On a conference where multiple speakers have different speaker-times, the task of keeping control of the countdowns becomes more challenging. CueTimer presents a software-solution where you create a cuelist with the countdowns that will be displayed. During the presentations the operator can start the countdowns with buttons and easy shortcuts. 

Our goal has been to create a user-interface for a countdown-program that is as flexible, fast and reliable as that you would expect from an audio, light or video-console.



  • PC with windows 7, 8 or 10
    .Net 4.5.2 or later  


  • Mac with Mojave, Catalina or Big Sur OS. 

Using CueTimer

Getting started
Let us say you have a conference of 4 speakers with 30 minutes each. Put this info into the Cuelist. When a speaker starts, push «Fire Next» or shortcut “ctrl + space” to start the countdown. When a speaker is finished you can push “Cue Next” button to cue the next countdown (This is optional).

Changing of plans is an unavoidable part of any event. With CueTimer editing is easy to do and always available in the main window. For example, to change the duration of the next presentation, simply double-mouseclick or push enter on the duration-cell of that timer and change the values.

To change the duration of the current countdown we can use dedicated buttons on the menu.
You can also change the duration of the countdown by speeding it up and down. This can be a very useful trick if you don’t want the presenter to see the change. 

Countdown monitor

The appearance of the countdown-monitor is customizable using the “Countdown-Style” menu. You can change the size, font and placement of the countdown and optional name and message-fields. A flexible scaler lets you accommodate for different screen-sizes and finetune for picture-in-picture applications . Use “Warning” and “Overtime” templates to grab the attention of the speaker when the time is running out.

Example of countdown-style where we wanted to create a retro digital alarm-clock using the font “Digital 7 Mono”. We have also hidden the name-field that is placed on the bottom by default.

Companion integration


Companion lets you control different devices over the local network and with Streamdeck hardware-boxes. It is free of charge and more info can be found here.  Our Companion module includes buttons for the most important commands, and it has feedback for the counter with colors that can be set from CueTimer. With our premade presets found in the Companion menu  it is easy to drag and drop the buttons where you need them.

Who should use CueTimer?

  • Professional Audio/Video Engineers on conferences and events. The software can work very well as a part of a bigger technical setup.
  • Event Organizers and Meeting Leaders. Our software is very easy to use and not much technical knowledge is required. 


  • Conferences, events, seminars and meetings
  • Shows and awards
  • Webinars and digital events
  • House of Worship

Trial version and licence

You can download the app and try it as much as you want in trial-mode. The one restriction is that it will close after 10 minutes every time you open it. To use the program without restrictions you can purchase a license from the “Store” page.