CueTimer 2.2 for PC approved for Windows 11

CueTimer v.2.2 is now released for both Mac and PC. The latest Windows-version is also fully tested and approved for Windows 11.

Here is a brief overview of the new features found in this version:

About CueTimer v.2.2

For a complete list of the changes found in this version, please visit our changelog.

Version 2.0, which we released last October for both Mac and PC, brought more options for viewing the timers on more devices, through NDI or over the Internet.

For version 2.2 we have more options for how the counter-screen appears on the local outputs, which is the preview, fullscreen and NDI. The web-output has not been changed for this version.

New feature: Progress-bar

The optional progress-bar runs horizontally over the screen, making it easier to visualise how much time is left of the countdown. We have added several options for size, direction and colors, making it possible to create your own style for the timer-windows.

You can also change the colour when the timer reaches the warning-stage (not shown here)

How it works

The progress-bar is turned on in the default template. To change the appearance of the bar, go to the “progress bar” tab in the Preferences-menu.
And from the “Local Monitor” tab you can turn the progress-bar on and off, and place it where you like on the screen.

New feature: Crop & Scale

This feature will make it easier to place the countdown-window as a Picture in Picture-source on top of other video-sources. Set the background key-color and place the countdown-window wherever you want on the screen.

In this example we chose blue as the key-color since green is already used for the progress-bar.

How it works
The settings for crop & scale can be found in the “Local Monitor” tab in the Preferences menu

New feature: Opacity & Alpha Channel

Most of the color-pickers now have an option for setting the opacity. You can make the element completely transparent, or blend it with the background. For the preview and the fullscreen, having full opacity can reveal the desktop-background. For NDI, opacity translates into the alpha-channel.

How it works
From the color-pickers in the style-settings you can set the opacity between 0-100%

New feature: Light and bold fonts

If a font has a bold or light option, this can now be chosen. Tip: Bold fonts can make the numbers more visible.
How it works:
Choose the font-type from “Decoration” in the local monitor menu.

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