CueTimer 2.4: Work faster in the spreadsheet

a person controlling CueTimer with Companion Stream Deck. black/white

CueTimer v.2.4 is now released. Go here to download!

The previous versions 2.2 & 2.3 were all about the presenter on the stage and how we could make the Fullscreen-timer nicer with the progress-bar and images. 
For the new version 2.4, we shift our attention to the show-operator, or the person controlling CueTimer: We have made some changes to the timer-list that should improve the workflow.

Start from an empty list

We believe that the spreadsheet-form is superior when it comes to handling multiple timers: You get all the information you need in one place, and you work faster with the keyboard. Now you can empty the cells and start plotting in your data from an empty list. This is probably the easiest way to create a new list of timers.

Choose your workflow

We have always thought of the timer-list as a schedule with a sequental list of the events happening. So, we have made it very easy to progress in the timer-list by pushing the “fire” button each time a presenter enters the stage.

But it turns out that we sometimes don’t know this order, or our users want to work in a more dynamic way: In v.2.4, we have made it easier to play timers in any order you like. By linking the cue & edit selections, you cue the next timer when navigating the list with the mouse or keyboard. Then push fire to start it.

Edit on the fly

When you start a new timer, you now get the exact start-time of when the timer started. While the timer is running, you can edit this start-time, along with the duration and end-time.

For example, if the operator starts the timer at 15:02:03, but you know that the presenter entered the stage at around 15:00:00, this can be fixed.

Correct your mistakes

If you accidentally push the fire-button while the timer is running, the redo-button will take you back as if nothing had happened. That is because we revert back to the original start/end-time that the timers are working from.

New in v.2.4 is that timer-list now has a complete undo/redo of all operations: change a name, move some timers, and revert back with the Undo-button. We also have an improved autosave, always saving the list in case you need to restart your computer after the power-cable falls out.

New: Countup timer with duration

The countup-timer now has a set duration, mirroring the countdown timer-type. Use this to create a 45 minute countup for the first half of a football-match, or maybe the presenter just want to see how much time he/she has spent, and be reminded when it’s time to stop.

If you just need the countup without duration, use the “Stopwatch” timer-type.