CueTimer Beta

Welcome to the beta-version of CueTimer! We are excited to offer you an early look at our software and invite you to help us make it even better.

By downloading the beta-version, you’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback on what works well and what needs improvement. We’re eager to hear your suggestions, bug reports, and feature requests so that we can continue to refine and improve CueTimer.

Trial version CueTimer BETA 2.9 (116)

CPU: Both Intel and Apple Silicon CPUs are supported natively.

OS-support: 10.14 and beyond.

  • Ventura 
  • Monterey
  • Big Sur
  • Catalina
  • Mojave

v.2.9 (116) (18. Februar 2022)
New features: 

– undo, redo & autosave
– countup with duration
– auto-scheduling
– link cue & edit selections
– Work from empty spreadsheet
– insert duplicate timers
– quick-timers
– move-buttons for next timer
-change duration when timer is in overtime

– Faster cell-editing
– UI-improvements in timer-list

For the full changeling of the official version, go here here.


Warning: Only use for testing​

The version(s) of CueTimer on this page can contain bugs and unfinished features. You should never use these versions for actual work, in live-shows or show-critical environments. 

If you are already using CueTimer for shows and critical environments, we recommend that you install the beta-version on different machines. There are user-settings that don’t work on both versions.  If you switch from the beta to the official version, you should delete all timers and reset the style-template before continuing. 

CueTimer 2.9 (116): Work faster in the spreadsheet

This version is all about the timer-list. You can now work faster, more reliably and do more when setting up and controlling your timers. And we believe the best way to do this is from a flexible and simple spreadsheet like we have in CueTImer

Ultimately, we want the list to work better as a schedule. It’s not only about setting up a stage-timer for your speaker, but making sure that the whole event stays on track: With the Auto-Schedule feature, you can see how the timers are connected.

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Current roadmap: When will this be released?

CueTimer is supported for both Mac and PC. As of now, the Mac-version is more developed. Before we can release this beta-version as an official release, the PC-version needs to catch up. We always release the same features for Mac and PC at the same time. 

We plan to release an official v.2.4 with everything except the auto-schedule feature, expected around Easter. And the v.2.5 with everything from this Beta some time in May. 
It’s notoriously difficult to estimate how much time we use for development, so take these numbers with a grain of salt. If all goes well, we hope to release sooner.

And we are working on new features that we will add to this beta-page in the future. 

Become a beta-tester!

If you want to test these versions without the 10-minute limitations set in trial-mode, send us a mail, and we will give you a licence.

Requirements and restrictions for beta-licences:

  • The licences are only meant for testing. (but if you want to test on a live-event, that’s ok with us.)
  • We encourage you to give us feedback on how the software works for you. If you don’t find bugs or other issues, you can just send us a thumbs up, that is always appreciated. We are also more than welcome to ideas you have for future features. 
  • The licences are time-limited. We may choose to terminate the beta-licence any time we like, but we will inform you in due time.



Customise the fullscreen timer

From the Preferences-menu you can customise the timer-page exactly how you want it.
Use images, colors and fonts to create a beautiful fullscreen-page. Or just a small countdown for PIP.

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