Display the stage-timer on your external display

With CueTimer its easy to place the timer on the  external display: Simply connect your monitor, open CueTimer, press the “Fullscreen” button, and the countdown-graphics will be shown where you want it

The easiest way to share your countdown

Using the native screen-output from CueTimer is the best option when:  

  • You want to show the timer on a display connected to the HDMI/VGA output on your computer. 
  • The timer-computer is connected to a video-mixer with SDI or HDMI inputs. (for example a BlackMagic switcher)

Unlike browser-based timer-solutions, you don’t need to drag the timer-window manually with the mouse, or use third-party applications. The fullscreen-output from CueTimer takes care of these things for you. 

Configure the fullscreen-output from CueTimer

Follow these 3 easy steps to display the fullscreen-window from CueTimer on your external display. This example is taken from Mac, but it works the same way for Windows. 

1. Extend the display

After you connect the display, make sure that it is set up as extended screen. The screen should not be mirrored.

2. Assign the monitor

From the CueTimer menu, assign the monitor where you want the fullscreen to appear. The names of your connected displays will appear in the list. You can also use the “Auto” option to automatically use the first extended display. 

3. Push the Fullscreen button

Now when you push the fullscreen-button, the fullscreen-output from CueTimer will appear on the extended display. This button will continue to lit yellow as long as the fullscreen is on. Push this button again to turn it off. 

For more instructions, please see our user guide. 

With the native HDMI-output, you no longer need to drag the browser-timer window to the external display. Just push the Fullscreen-button and let CueTimer place the fullscreen-timer exactly where you want it.


Customise the fullscreen timer

From the Preferences-menu you can customise the timer-page exactly how you want it.
Use images, colors and fonts to create a beautiful fullscreen-page. Or just a small countdown for PIP.

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