Send messages to presenters

With CueTimer, you can easily send messages to presenters to provide guidance, reminders, or updates, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for both the presenters and the audience.
The placement and style of the message is customisable to fit different screen-sizes and setups: Place it on the top alongside the other content, or  grab the attention of the speaker immediately with a large, fullscreen message.

Remind the speaker that the time is running out

You can make the message visible only when the time has run out. This way there will be no doubt that they should wrap it up as soon as they can!

This can be configured from the settings-menu by making the message transparent in the other timer-states. 

Hide the message for the stage-timer or the remote speaker

CueTimer lets you set a different style for the local stage-timer connected through HDMI or NDI, and the online timer that you can share to online speakers and your remote crew-members. 

This way, you can send messages specifically meant for the local presenter, while keeping it clean on the online timer-page.

Configure the message

Create the message from the Message dialog-box.

Then you decide where on the screen the message should be placed. You can either find its own designated space just for the message, or make it replace other content with the Fulllscreen-option.

To set custom colors for the message, go to the “Colors and animations” tab. 

During the show, you display the message with the “show” button which is found in the dialog-box, in the main command-bar, or in Companion. 

Write the message from the dialog-menu, and push the “Show” button to display it

Choose where the message will be displayed on the outputs from the settings

Set the colors from the “Colors and animation” tab.