Share the timer online

With CueTimer you control a webpage that displays both the current countdown and future schedule. Share this page with remote speakers, crew members and production staff to ensure everyone stays on the same page and in sync

An online presentation-timer for any device

The webpage features a versatile countdown/countup/clock timer that displays in sync with the HDMI-fullscreen and NDI outputs. It is designed to be fully responsive, adapting to all screen sizes and orientations, including cell phones, tablets, and desktops.

From the page you can toggle between two views: 

  • Counter-view displays the current timer, name, and message
  • Schedule-view also includes a list of upcoming timers.

Let your remote speakers stay on time

The online presentation timer is an ideal tool for remote presenters on Zoom and Teams. 

Presenters can keep track of the program agenda before they are called to speak, and switch to the counter-page when it’s time to go live. The clean and focused interface eliminates distractions, allowing presenters to concentrate solely on their presentation

Reliable timekeeping with servers from Amazon AWS

Our online time-management solution can be trusted for the most prestigious events: Since the launch in October 2021, there has been no reported incidents on server-downtime or webpages from CueTimer not working. 

At PresentationTools, we believe in providing our customers with the best possible experience. That’s why we adopt the practice of overprovisioning in our infrastructure. By using more resources than what is required to handle the expected workload of our application, we can ensure that it remains highly available and reliable even during unexpected spikes in demand or potential failures. This extra cushion ensures that our customers can rely on our service 24/7

How to create a shareable online timer from CueTimer

After you have installed and opened CueTimer, display a webpage with the timer and schedule following these steps: 

1. Create the webpage

Open the “Webpage” menu, then push “Generate new link” to create a new webpage. 

2. Copy the link

Copy the URL from the web-display and send it to the people that need access to the page

2. Display the page

Open the page on any web-browser. No password is necessary. 

4. Replace the link

When an event is finished, or before working with a new group of people, you can delete the old link and create a new from the “Web Display” menu. The old webpage will now be empty.

Using the Schedule-page

The schedule-webpage shows a list of future timers taken from the timer-list in CueTimer desktop-application.  The page is automatically syncronized when the CueTimer machine has Internet-connection. 

With the Schedule you get a live agenda/cuesheet/rundown that is updated as the event progresses. 

CueTImer app

The first timer in the future schedule always starts with the green/cyan timer, which is set to be the next to start. Then the list continues below. In this list the next timer to start is Nils Larsen. 

Web schedule

The web-schedule takes the name, start and duration from the CueTimer app and displays this as the future schedule. 

Customise the style of the online timer page

In the settings-menu you have full control over how the webpage looks.

  • Set the size, positions and animations for the counter-view. You can have a big countdown that covers the whole page, or more space for the name and message. 
  • The schedule-view has a fixed layout, but you can set a custom name for the event, hide message, and use light-mode instead of the default dark mode. 
    If you are not using the schedule, the toggle-button can be hidden so that you only view the counter-page.

From the “Colors & animations” tab you can set the colours for the counter-view. 

For more info on this, see our user-guide


Embed and whitelabel the timer

You can embed the online timer-page from into other webpages by using HTML Iframe method. This allows you to whitelabel our webpage into your own domain, and add other elements to it. And, by setting a transparent background from CueTimer, you can use your own colors and images behind the text and numbers, blending in with your own branding. 


Customise the fullscreen timer

From the Preferences-menu you can customise the timer-page exactly how you want it.
Use images, colors and fonts to create a beautiful fullscreen-page. Or just a small countdown for PIP.

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