CueTimer v.2 sneak preview

CueTimer v.2 coming soon- Download the BETA to test new features

Update: v.2 is now released!! Go here to download the latest version.

What’s new?

CueTimer is a software that creates a counter-clock for presenters and other performers who need precise timing. In v.1 this counter could only be shared through a monitor connected to the computer. Now we have added more outputs making it easer to share the countdowns and countups:

Connect to our server

Create a webpage and share it with the remote speakers and organisers of the event.
The webpage will display the counter with the optional name and message, just like the regular local output. And it should fit an all devices and screen-sizes.

We also realised that the CueTimer app has more information that is useful for remote speakers that will connect through Zoom or Microsoft Teams. That is why we created the Schedule-page. We take the Name, Start and Duration columns to create the live schedule.


We now have a native NDI-output from CueTimer using the latest NDI 5 framework. This video-signal will share the same content as the regular monitor-output. Choose between SD, 720p and 1080p NDI resolution

Drag & Drop

Change the order of timers by dragging them around in the Cue List.

Single Timer Mode & CueCurrent

Sometimes you just want to repeat the same timer instead of moving forward in the list. These new commands and options helps with that.

Clock button

This button will ignore what is in the Cue List and just display the clock. It can be useful for rehearsals when you don’t want to start and stop counters.

End-Time as an OSC-string

Send the end-time to any software that can read OSC-strings. It works very well with Resolume. (Mac only, PC soon to follow)

This video showcases all the new features in the new beta-versions of CueTimer:

Here you can read more about CueTimer.