Software Licences

To use APS and CueTimer without restrictions, you need licences that you can buy from our store.
Licences allows you to use our software without the 10-minute restrictions in trial-mode.
You can use the same licence for both the Mac and Windows versions of our software. One licence covers one computer, but you can easily change the computer with the licence either from the program-interface or the online dashboard.

Install licences on new computers

After you buy a licence, you will receive a mail with the licence-key. To use the licence, open the program, and from the first popup-menu, choose “activate. Then copy and paste the licence-key into the activation-field in the app.

When you activate the licence, your app will communicate with our server to verify the licence. Note that this process requires internet-connection, and our web-server stored at our domain can’t be blocked through a firewall.

After activating the licence, all features in the program are enabled. You can also use the program offline with no restrictions.

Release licences

If your licence is already in use, and you want to change the licence to another computer, you first need to release the licence to make it available for new installations. There are two ways to do this:

– From the program interface. If you have access to your old computer, you can release the licence from the “activation” menu. After the licence is released, the program goes back into trial-mode

– From the user-dashboard. After creating a user on our website, your licences will show up in the user-dashboard. From here you can release the licences that are in use.

Create a user on our website

The ability to release the licences online requires that you first create a user on our webpage. To do this, go to “login” and “register. It’s important that you create the user with the same email-address that you used to purchase.
Follow the steps to create user-name and password. You need to confirm your password from the your email.

After you log in with your new user, you can access your licences, subscriptions and receipts from the user-dashboard.

Using the dashboard

When logged in, the link to the dashboard will be shown on the top menu-bar between. On the dashboard main page you can monitor your subscriptions:

Period End shows when the current subscription will end or renew.
Pushing the “cancel” button will cancel the renewal. This means that the licence will remain the period ends. You can always regret later by pushing “Re-activate.”
The main page has links to two sub-pages:

Keys will take you to the licences for the subscription. Here you can access your licences and check their status. If a licence is in use, you can release it so it’s free to be used on new computers.

Subscription invoices lets you download your invoices and change payment-details for your next renewal. All payment-details are handled by Stripe.

Frequently asked questions

You can use one license on one computer simultaneously. So, for example, if you want to use 5 PC´s with APS at the same time, you need 5 licences of APS.

Yes. You can release the licence from the user-dashboard. After this the licence can be used on new computers. Read more

No. You need create a user on our website using the email-address you used for purchase. After this, you can access your licences and subscriptions from your user-dashboard.

No. You can control the licences from the program interface. If you have access to the computers where the licences are installed, this solution can work fine.

Yes. After a licence is installed through online verification, you can use the software also when not connected to the Internet.

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Auto Presentation Switcher

Use keyboard-shortcuts and Companion buttons to open Powerpoint, Keynote and PDF presentations.


CueTimer helps performers and presenters manage their time during events and broadcasts.


To use our software without restrictions, buy licences from our store . Prices start at $35 per year.