Introducing annual payments for CueTimer and APS

As of today we no longer sell perpetual licences for CueTimer and APS. Instead we offer subscription-based licences with yearly renewal. More info about the new payment-model can be found in our Store page. 

What does this mean for our old customers?
If you own a perpetual licence of our software, no action needs to be taken. Your licences are still perpetual, and we are planning more updates for all our current customers.

Sometime in the future, however, we want to release v.3 of our software, which will only be available with our new subscription-based licences. To accommodate for this change, old customers get discounts when they start new subscriptions. Read more here.

Why we change our business-model

Written by Morten Brekke Stensland, CEO of PresentationTools A/S

We released the first version of APS and CueTimer back in April 2020. Our goal was to help show-operators to control presentations and countdown-timers. At the time we thought that our software did what we wanted, and we weren’t sure how much updating was needed. Therefore we went for a fixed-price model where what you see is what you pay for.

Since then a lot of things have changed. We have learned that it is impossible to create the perfect software-version that that never needs updating, there are always things to improve. And with the feedback we get from our customers, we never run out of ideas and plans on how to develop this project further. 

Our software has come a long way since its first release. In order to continue this progress, we had to find a new payment-model which encourages development and keeps us relevant for the ever changing event-industry. With recurring payment we can more easily support our software for new OS-versions, fix bugs and add features. Whatever the future throws at the event-industry, we will be ready with our PresentationTools.