Seamless Switching with Powerpoint and Keynote

We are happy to announce that both the PC and MAC version of Auto Presentation Switcher (APS) now has the Seamless Switching option included. When this is on, switching between Keynote and Powerpoint presentations will look like cut-transitions between slides.

This feature has been available on the PC-version since the beginning, and it has performed really well. So far we haven’t got any feedback on bugs or issues with Seamless feature, and we are confident that its safe to leave this option also when displaying heavy Powerpoint-presentations on critical shows.

What is new is that we now also included this method with the latest Mac-version of APS, where switching to and from these filetypes can be done seamlessly:

Powerpoint-Powerpoint, Powerpoint-Keynote, Keynote-Keynote and Keynote-Powerpoint.

Our advice is to always turn on Seamless Switching because you never know when you need to hide your desktop-background while changing presentations.

For more info please visit our product-page.