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What is included in the licence

Licences enables all features in the programs. They are perpetual and do not expire.
Each licence can only be used at 1 computer at the same time. It is possible to change this computer. The same licence works for both PC and Mac versions of the programs
If you need to use more than 1 instance of the program simultaneously then you must buy more licences.
Programs can be used without internet-connection after licence has been installed.

How to purchase

Add to cart the licences you want to buy. Complete the payment with the checkout-button.
You are then transferred to the Paypal-website where payment can be completed through your Paypal-account or with credit-card.

Payment security

All transaction-details are handled by Paypal. Please read  our Privacy Policy for more information on how we use your data.

Receipt and activation-email

Paypal-receipt and mail with keycodes will be sent automatically after payment
Company-receipts are handled manually and will normally be sent a few days after the transaction.

Installing licence(s)

Copy the licence from the activation-email to the activation-menu in the program and press “activate”.
Activation requires internet-connection.

Future upgrades

New versions with maintenance and bug-fixing in the programs are included in the license bought today. In case we release a version with major new features we may ask for an upgrade-fee. (For CueTimer, the future v.2 will be included in the current licence for v.1)


If you make a mistake during checkout, or made a purchase by accident, we can provide a refund. Issues must be reported within 5 days after purchase. Apart from this all sales are final. You can use the trial-mode of the programs to test them in your own environment before making a purchase. For more information on terms and restrictions when using our software, please see our Terms of Use.

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