Work in the timer-list

The timer-list lets you create or import an event-schedule or rundown with timers that can be started in a chronological order. Then, during the show, you just need to push the “start” button to move progress. If you do a mistake, undo&redo got you covered.

Import event schedules into CueTimer

Use ChatGPT with CueTImer

CueTimer lets you import event-schedules and rundowns from applications like Excel and Google Sheets. Import CSV&TSV files, or, if you have already opened the file, just copy and paste the spreadsheet-data.

Customize the style of the timer-outputs

An example of how you can style the fullscreen timer in CueTimer.

From the Preferences-menu you can customise the timer-page exactly how you want it.
Use images, colors and fonts to create a beautiful fullscreen-page. Or just a small countdown for PIP.