Web Output

CueTimer lets you create a webpage where you can display the countdown timer and the schedule for the event. Our online timer-server is perfect for remote speakers who share their presentation on Zoom or Teams.

From the Webpage-menu you can create a webpage which displays timer over the Internet. And the Schedule-page is perfect for remote speakers who needs to stay on track

NDI Output

NDI logo

Push the NDI-button to send the countdown-page as NDI graphics over the local network.
Simplify your connection to NDI switchers, software and convert and converters

HDMI Output

The fullscreen-output from CueTimer displays the countdown-timer window on your external monitor with a button-click. Create a stage-timer from your Mac or PC in an easy way.

Push the “Fullscreen” button to send the timer-page to the external monitor.
No need to drag browser-windows around where you can’t see them.