Control APS with external keypads

Auto Presentation Switcher creates commands that can control switching, closing and displaying presentations. If you dont like using the keyboard, you can add an external keypad to your setup and program the buttons to do the same actions. Then you will soon have a complete remote-controller for presentation software. In this blog we will show how we can achieve this using keyboard-emulators or network commands… Read More »Control APS with external keypads

How to use Dropbox with Presentation Computers

With Auto Presentation Switcher you can easily use one computer for all the presentations that will be displayed for an event. The shortcuts for switching presentations makes the transitions run smoother. But this presentation-computer can then be vulnerable if something unexpected happens: What if somebody spills coffee on this computer? What if during the event the next speaker needs to change something on his/her presentation?… Read More »How to use Dropbox with Presentation Computers

Why we need a Software Presentation Switcher

Auto Presentation Switcher (APS) automates the task of switching presentations. When my brother first saw the introduction-video he was not so impressed: He thought it is easy to switch presentations on a computer, he could do it in less than a minute. Why not do it manually? Of course, he is right, when I’m sitting in my home and looking over presentations, the seconds I… Read More »Why we need a Software Presentation Switcher