Terms of Use

About PresentationTools.com
This website and domain Presentationtools.com are the property of PresentationTools A/S, a company based in Oslo, Norway.

The content of this website follows international copyright-laws. Unauthorized usage of text, logos or images from this website is forbidden.

Disclaimer about the content of this website
The site is provided free of charge, and thereby is provided “AS IS” and with all faults. Use the site at your own risk. Brekke Stensland Lydteknikk make no representations or warranties of any kind with regard to the site.

Use of software
Our software is available for download on this website. To use the software you must accept the end-user licence agreement (called EULA on this page) that is opened when you extract the downloaded file. We do not accept using the software without having given consent to the EULA.
If someone manages to use the software without having read and accepted the EULA then Brekke Stensland Lydteknikk cannot be responsible for harm caused by our software.

Copying and distributing
An end-user can copy the downloaded software-file to his/her own computers. Only the exact copy of the downloaded file can be copied, except save-files and preferences which the user create themselves from within the software. These savefiles can be considered as the property of the user that created them.
We do not accept distributing our software on other websites or servers.

Any product that is available to download or use from PresentationTools.com is the copyrighted work from Brekke Stensland Lydteknikk. We do not accept reverse-engineering or attempts to obtain the proprietary programming-methods used in creating this software.

Verification of the software
Verified developer of the Windows-software is our company Brekke Stensland Lydteknikk. The exe-files included in this software is code-signed with this signature. This means that our company has been accepted by Microsoft to distribute this software.
Mac-products have been signed with identified Apple-developer Morten Brekke Stensland. The software has been notarized by Apple. This means that Apple has checked if our software can create harm and has accepted that the software can be distributed.
If this verification mentioned above is missing then this means that the particular software is not a true copy of software created and distributed by Brekke Stensland Lydteknikk. Thus, we cannot take responsibility of such software.

You can download and use the program free of charge. The limitation is that the program will close after 10 minutes of use. It is possible to open the program again and use it as many times as you want.  To use the programs without restrictions you can buy licences(s).

What is included in the licence
Licences enables all features in the programs. They are perpetual and do not expire. Each licence can only be used at 1 computer at the same time. It is possible to change this computer. If you need to use more than 1 instance of the program simultaneously then you must buy more licences.
Programs can be used without internet-connection after licence has been installed.

Hacking of licence
We strictly forbid any attempts to bypass the licence in order to use the programs without restrictions.

Future upgrades
New versions with maintenance and bug-fixing in the programs are included in the license bought today. In case we release a version with major new features we may ask for an upgrade-fee.

Payment security
When you go to checkout-page you are transferred to the Paypal website. All transaction-details are handled by the Paypal website. We only receive payment-information from Paypal after payment has been confirmed. We cannot be responsible for issues that happen using the Paypal-website. For more information on how we handle your personal data, please see or Privacy Policy.

If you make a mistake during checkout, or made a purchase by accident, we can provide a refund. Issues must be reported within 5 days after purchase.
Apart from this all sales are final. You can use the trial-mode of the programs to test them in your own environment before making a purchase.

Violation of terms of use
If we discover that you are violating the terms set in this website Terms of Use, and/or you are using the software and violating the terms set in the EULA, we may take steps to protect ourselves. If you are using licence key(s) we may make these unusable without further notice. In more severe cases we may take legal action.