Updates to APS

We recently uploaded new updates for both PC and MAC versions of Auto Presentation Switcher. The newest versions can be downloaded from our product-page. 

The main thing we added is the option to launch the application on startup. If you mainly use your computer for presentations there should be no need to manually launch APS every time you use it. We have done a lot of testing running APS on the computer while doing other tasks, and it seems to work very smoothly. Basically APS does nothing to the computer unless you want it to.
Apart from this there are also some bug-fixes and minor improvements. 

The latest versions of APS as of today: 
PC: v.      MAC: v. 1(92)

For more information about version-history of our software, please visit our Changelog page. 

If you have already installed an older version of APS on your computer, updating should be fairly straightforward. Just run the installer-file and the new version will replace the old. Licence will not be removed. 


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