Upgrades & Discounts

For old customers that have bought perpetual licences of CueTimer and Auto Presentation Switcher, we offer discounts when purchasing new subscription-based licences

Updated 11. February 2022

I own perpetual licence(s). Do I have to switch to the new system with recurring licences?
No. Nothing will happen to the licences you have bought, and they still work with the current v2 of all software. We also have plans for more releases for v.2 that will work with all current licences.

What do I get with with new recurring licences, that is not offered to customers with perpetual licences?
At some point in the future we will release v.3 of both CueTimer and APS, and then you need a recurring licence to continue using the latest versions. After that users with perpetual licences can still use v.2 of the software, but only the new licence-types will work with v.3 of the software.

The new licensing-system also comes with a login-option that allows users to monitor their subscriptions and manage licences. Most importantly, you can now release the licences online without physical access to the machine where the licence is installed. This makes it easier to use the licences on different machines.

Why is the login only offered to new users?
When you now create a new subscription, you now must accept that your email-address can be used to create a user on this website. Old customers never gave consent to this, and therefore we could not force this solution on customers with perpetual licences.
To access this feature, old users must therefore start subscriptions where they accept these new terms of use.

If I use this discount with new subscriptions, will something happen to my old licences?
No. Your old licences will work as before.

How do I get my discount?
We will send promotion-codes to all our customers that are eligible  for discounts. This will be sent to the Paypal email-adress you used for purchasing. (If you haven’t recieved this mail, or lost it, please contact us at info@presentationtools.com and we will re-send it)

How do I use my discount?
The promotion-codes can be used  during the Stripe checkout to claim your discount. Look for the field “Add promotion code” and paste the code there.
If you pay through manual invoicing, you can send in the promotion-codes in the field named “Discounts”

How much discount do i get?
We have decided to give old customers $45 of discount for each perpetual licence they have bought.

How is the discount calculated?
We have some rules  and restrictions for how the discounts can be used:

– The discount will be subtracted from the first 2 years of a new subscription.  If you have more discount left after the first yearly payment, then this will be subtracted from the second year of payment.

Example 1: You have $45 in discount, and buy a new recurring licence of CueTimer with a $40 yearly price. With the discount you pay $0 the first year, and $35 the second year.

– If the value of the discount is higher than what we charge for 2 year subscription, then we will send you another promotion-code with the remaining discount that you can use for new subscriptions.

Example 2: You have $90 in discount, and start a new subscription with $30 yearly payment. Then you will pay nothing for 2 years, using $30 in discount. And we will send you a new promotion-code worth $30.

– If you wish to cancel your subscription after the first year, you will also loose the discount for the second year also

Example 3: You have $45 in discount, and buy a new recurring licence of CueTimer with a $40 yearly price. If you cancel your subscription after the first year, you will loose the remaining $5 in discount.

What happens if I forget to claim my discount during checkout?
If you notify us within 30 days of payment, we can refund the discount to you directly. Then you will get money back on your account.

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