Control your licences from the user-dashboard

The new licences with annual payment  for CueTimer and APS can now be controlled from the the user-dashboard on this website.

By creating an account , you can:

– Release the licences from the computer where it is currently installed. This will make it much easier to switch licences between computers, and it will be possible for customers to recover the licence themselves if a computer with a licence is lost.

– {Coming soon}: Tag your  computer with a name which is shown in the user-dashboard together with the key-code. Use this to identify the computer which has the licence installed.

This video shows how to purchase licences and control them from the user-dashboard:

Note: The ability to tag the computers is something that is currently only implemented for APS PC. We will soon have it ready for CueTimer and APS Mac.

In the user-dashboard, only new licences of the recurring type will be shown. Customers with old perpetual licences are offered discounts when starting new subscriptions. Read more

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