Vote for CueTimer on Microlaunch! landing page

CueTimer is featured on Microlaunch, a portal for independent software-companies to showcase their products. They have a competion where the most popular software gets more exposure. If you want to support us, please go their website and cast us a vote. Unfortunately we cant offer anything in return, since that would be bad sportsmanship. Wouldn’t you agree?

What are we competing against?

Its interesting to scroll the page to see who else is there. We have AI-wrappers that simplifies the task of getting the right information from AI, tools to help other founders with their online-presence, and some tools that just make you laugh: My favorite is the Cheese calculator that helps you knowing how much milk you need to make cheese. If you are making cheese this must be perfect. If not, maybe you want to start making cheese after reading this? landing page

On a more serious note, there are some tools that could help me as a founder to get more exposure for my website. Two of the products are helping webpages getting indexed faster after they are launched. So, for example, after I release this blogpage, I want it to appear on Google as soon as possible. or WildSEO can help with that. This is something that I could consider purchasing myself actually. Getting good results on Google is so important when you run an online business.

WildSEO landing page

And of course we have the AI-tools. The ChatGPT/AI revolution has made it possible for solo-founders to make advanced tools that couldnt be made with a large team in the old days.
One of the more useful tools I found on this list was ResumeBoostAI which lets you write the perfect job-application. I could need this if I ever get tired of being an entrepeneur.

ResumeBoost AI

Help us get more exposure

Being exposed on webpages like Microlaunch is an opportunity for us to spread the word about what we are doing with our PresentationTools. If you have a blog or webpage and would like to write about us, or link to this page, we are veery interested. Perhaps we could do the same to you, if we have common interests?
Also, if you are a customer and would like to be featured on this webpage talking about our software, that would be perfect for us as well. Send us a mail at if you have some ideas.