CueTimer 2.4: Work faster in the spreadsheet

CueTimer v.2.4 is now released. Go here to download! The previous versions 2.2 & 2.3 were all about the presenter on the stage and how we could make the Fullscreen-timer nicer with

Fake versions from unauthorized websites

We have recently discovered that some websites are offering our software without our permission. After inspecting the files offered on these websites, we found that they all contained Trojan viruses.
Only download APS and CueTimer from this website!

Display the timer as video-overlay

CueTimer has options for displaying the timer as picture-in-picture, or lower third. This saves screen-space, equipment, and focuses the message where it needs to be.

APS 2.1 released!

APS 2.1 gives more options to control slides and presentations through Companion:
– Open and display presentations from filenames
– Control slides in applications

Field report: CueTimer used for the EME Culinary Cup

I recently got the chance to test CueTimer in a new setting, at least for me: as a countdown-clock for a cooking-competition. EME Culinary Cup is a competition where 9 teams compete for