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Lego Masters Norway use CueTimer to control the studio-clock

Lego Masters is an international reality television show of British origin in which teams compete to build the best Lego project.(Wikipedia). The Norwegian edition is currently aired every Friday night on Tv2, Norway’s largest commercial tv-station. In this production, CueTimer is used to control the countdown-clock that shows the contestants how much time they have left of their lego-building. The clock is placed on a led-wall in the… Read More »Lego Masters Norway use CueTimer to control the studio-clock

CueTimer v.2 sneak preview

CueTimer v.2 coming soon- Download the BETA to test new features Update: v.2 is now released!! Go here to download the latest version. What’s new? CueTimer is a software that creates a counter-clock for presenters and other performers who need precise timing. In v.1 this counter could only be shared through a monitor connected to the computer. Now we have added more outputs making it… Read More »CueTimer v.2 sneak preview

APS v2 brings back the Freeze-button

We made Auto Presentation Switcher to simplify the task of switching presentations. On events where different presentations are shown consecutively, this little tool can make the transitions a lot easier for audio/video engineers responsible for the visual content. But you still need some kind of video-switcher to cover the screen when there are no presentations. With V.2 of this software we wanted to take more… Read More »APS v2 brings back the Freeze-button

Seamless Switching with Powerpoint and Keynote

We are happy to announce that both the PC and MAC version of Auto Presentation Switcher (APS) now has the Seamless Switching option included. When this is on, switching between Keynote and Powerpoint presentations will look like cut-transitions between slides. This feature has been available on the PC-version since the beginning, and it has performed really well. So far we haven’t got any feedback… Read More »Seamless Switching with Powerpoint and Keynote

Mac version of CueTimer

Last year we released the PC-version of our timer-software CueTimer. Now we have also released a Mac-version which can be downloaded here.   Why mac-version? I have worked several years as a freelance audio and AV-engineer, and my experience has been that it is very convenient to rely on software that can run on both PC and Mac. People have different preferences and you just… Read More »Mac version of CueTimer

Updates to APS

We recently uploaded new updates for both PC and MAC versions of Auto Presentation Switcher. The newest versions can be downloaded from our product-page.  The main thing we added is the option to launch the application on startup. If you mainly use your computer for presentations there should be no need to manually launch APS every time you use it. We have done a lot… Read More »Updates to APS

Control APS with external keypads

Auto Presentation Switcher creates commands that can control switching, closing and displaying presentations. If you dont like using the keyboard, you can add an external keypad to your setup and program the buttons to do the same actions. Then you will soon have a complete remote-controller for presentation software. In this blog we will show how we can achieve this using keyboard-emulators or network commands… Read More »Control APS with external keypads

How our software survives the Corona-pandemic

When we started planning our software we had no idea that a big pandemic would come and stop the events that our software originally were made for. My idea behind this company came after working as an Audio/Video engineer on corporate events for several years. When dealing with presentations and countdown-timers for presenters on the stage, I found that my workflow was not as smooth… Read More »How our software survives the Corona-pandemic

How to use Dropbox with Presentation Computers

With Auto Presentation Switcher you can easily use one computer for all the presentations that will be displayed for an event. The shortcuts for switching presentations makes the transitions run smoother. But this presentation-computer can then be vulnerable if something unexpected happens: What if somebody spills coffee on this computer? What if during the event the next speaker needs to change something on his/her presentation?… Read More »How to use Dropbox with Presentation Computers

Why we need a Software Presentation Switcher

Auto Presentation Switcher (APS) automates the task of switching presentations. When my brother first saw the introduction-video he was not so impressed: He thought it is easy to switch presentations on a computer, he could do it in less than a minute. Why not do it manually? Of course, he is right, when I’m sitting in my home and looking over presentations, the seconds I… Read More »Why we need a Software Presentation Switcher