Powerpoint and Macbooks: How to use mirrored Presenter View in a 3 screen setup

I think I might have found a solution to a problem that shows up when using MacBooks to display Powerpoints with presenter-view from FOH on corporate events!! Skip the problem – take me right to the solution Using Powerpoint Presenter View for speakers on Corporate Events When a presenter shows their Powerpoint-presentation from a stage … Read more

CueTimer 2.3 explained: Customize the outputs

This video shows how to use images, border and drop shadow in CueTimer: As shown in the video, the Preferences-menu gives a lot of options for setting your own style to the countdown-monitor, or stage-timer. You can add your own logo for branding, and use a separate background-image for decoration. If you are a rental-company … Read more

CueTimer 2.3 released: Images, Border, Date, Clock & Shadow

The latest version of CueTimer brings more options to the graphic that is displayed in the Fullscreen and NDI windows. We now have: Background image Logo Border Additional Date & Clock Drop shadow Other improvements: Options for low NDI-framerates: 2, 5 & 10 FPS. This can be useful if you need to save network-traffic. New … Read more

The Return of In Person Events

and what this means for digital events.  The past couple of months have been very busy for most AV-companies here in Norway. Working as a freelance an audio/video engineer myself, my schedule has never been so packed.  The drive behind this trend is of course the end of Covid (For now!) and the return of … Read more

CueTimer 2.2 for PC approved for Windows 11

CueTimer v.2.2 is now released for both Mac and PC. The latest Windows-version is also fully tested and approved for Windows 11.  Here is a brief overview of the new features found in this version: About CueTimer v.2.2 For a complete list of the changes found in this version, please visit our changelog. Version 2.0, … Read more

Companion 2.2 released with updates for APS and CueTimer

Bitfocus Companion turns a Stream-Deck button-box into a powerful controller for most of the gear used in Audio/Video production.  The new v.2.2 official update of this software brings some exiting improvements for Auto Presentation Switcher and CueTimer.  Auto Presentation Switcher: Display images We now have our own custom image-viewer that can be controlled through Companion. … Read more

CueTimer v.2.2 released for Mac

Version 2.2 for CueTimer adds more options to the appearance of the preview, fullscreen and NDI output. We now have: Progress bar Crop & scaling of the window, with background key-colour or transparency More font optionsAt the moment v.2.2 is only available for Mac. We expect the PC-version to be release during April. For the … Read more

Control your licences from the user-dashboard

The new licences with annual payment  for CueTimer and APS can now be controlled from the the user-dashboard on this website. By creating an account , you can: – Release the licences from the computer where it is currently installed. This will make it much easier to switch licences between computers, and it will be possible … Read more