Speeded countdowns: The final option to keep presenters on schedule

CueTimer lets you speed up and down the countdowns. The purpose of this feature is to change the duration of the timer without it being visible on the countdown-screen. So, to demonstrate, lets first have a look at the countdown running normally: Then we speed it up with 10% Do you notice the difference? Perhaps, … Read more

Field report: CueTimer used for the EME Culinary Cup

I recently got the chance to test CueTimer in a new setting, at least for me: as a countdown-clock for a cooking-competition. EME Culinary Cup is a competition where 9 teams compete for the best 4 course dinner. It is hosted in Oslo, Norway, with participants from all over the world. The whole event was both broadcasted on … Read more

Clocks, ticks and synchronization: How CueTimer stays on time

CueTimer is a an application for Mac and Windows that helps people stay on schedule. You should expect this app to show the time precisely and reliably. In this text I want to discuss how we approach this issue from a technical point of view, and show some lessons that we have learned along the … Read more

CueTimer 2.3 explained: Customize the outputs

This video shows how to use images, border and drop shadow in CueTimer: The Preferences-menu gives a lot of options for setting your own style to the countdown-monitor, or stage-timer:You can add your own logo for branding, and use a separate background-image for decoration. If you are a rental-company who works with different clients every … Read more

CueTimer 2.3 released: Images, Border, Date, Clock & Shadow

The latest version of CueTimer brings more options to the graphic that is displayed in the Fullscreen and NDI windows. We now have: Background image Logo Border Additional Date & Clock Drop shadow Other improvements: Options for low NDI-framerates: 2, 5 & 10 FPS. This can be useful if you need to save network-traffic. New … Read more

CueTimer 2.2 for PC approved for Windows 11

CueTimer v.2.2 is now released for both Mac and PC. The latest Windows-version is also fully tested and approved for Windows 11.  Here is a brief overview of the new features found in this version: About CueTimer v.2.2 For a complete list of the changes found in this version, please visit our changelog. Version 2.0, … Read more

Companion 2.2 released with updates for APS and CueTimer

Bitfocus Companion turns a Stream-Deck button-box into a powerful controller for most of the gear used in Audio/Video production.  The new v.2.2 official update of this software brings some exiting improvements for Auto Presentation Switcher and CueTimer.  Auto Presentation Switcher: Display images We now have our own custom image-viewer that can be controlled through Companion. … Read more

CueTimer v.2.2 released for Mac

Version 2.2 for CueTimer adds more options to the appearance of the preview, fullscreen and NDI output. We now have: Progress bar Crop & scaling of the window, with background key-colour or transparency More font options.  At the moment v.2.2 is only available for Mac. We expect the PC-version to be release during April. For … Read more

Control your licences from the user-dashboard

The new licences with annual payment  for CueTimer and APS can now be controlled from the the user-dashboard on this website. By creating an account , you can: – Release the licences from the computer where it is currently installed. This will make it much easier to switch licences between computers, and it will be possible … Read more