How to use CueTimer with ChatGPT

Use ChatGPT with CueTImer

With ChatGPT you can convert any rundown and event-schedule into a perfectly formatted cue-list for CueTimer. Just paste the ChatGPT code into the CSV Import menu.

CueTimer 2.5: Spreadsheet-import and linking of timers

We are happy to release v.2.5 of CueTimer, which brings a better spreadsheet-intergration: Now you can import your schedule from Excel and Google Sheets, and, for better control, chain the timers together with start and end-times.

CueTimer 2.4: Work faster in the spreadsheet

a person controlling CueTimer with Companion Stream Deck. black/white

CueTimer 2.4 has improvements for the timer-list: faster editing, better redundancy, and more ways to add new timers.
In short, the new version should make it more enjoyable to user our timing-software.

Display the timer as video-overlay

Display the countdown timer from CueTimer as a video-overlay on top of other video-content.

CueTimer has options for displaying the timer as picture-in-picture, or lower third. This saves screen-space, equipment, and focuses the message where it needs to be.

Field report: CueTimer used for the EME Culinary Cup

CueTimer layout with a countdown and a clock on the same window

Last week our CEO Morten used CueTimer for a cooking-competition when the chefs needed to know how much time they had to prepare the meals.
Read how you can use CueTimer as a timing-solution for competitions and gameshows.